Club Sessions: October 2020

Thanks to your participation and co-operation we can continue with our Club Training Schedule that conforms to the Covid19 Safe guidelines.  It is important, however, that we remain vigilant in both our personal and club measures.  In particular :-

  • Do not come to a Club Session if you have any concerns about your own health 
  • If you do come down with the Coronavirus or are asked to Isolate and  have recently attended a Club Session, please notify the Club Secretary.  A register of participants is taken at every Club Session. 
  • When attending a Club Session follow the guidelines we have in place to be Covid19 Safe 
    • Maintain Social Distancing SPACE at all times 
    • Wear FACE covering when gathering before and after sessions 
    • Gather in maximum of 6 mini-groups where appropriate as quickly as possible 
  • To maintain our Covid19 Safe environment for Club Sessions we, unfortunately, are limited in the variety of locations we can use for training as a group.  We need plenty of space and wish to be away from the general public as much as possible.  Now that we are in the darker nights of Autumn and Winter we also need go street lighting!  So, apologies for maybe too many Balliol assemblies!  We are varying the type of session though. 
  • The Club Sunday Run @9am from Blue Flames formalises the previous ad hoc arrangement. The session itself will then vary greatly dependent on the pace/distance/time people wish to run.  Everyone is welcome to assemble but it might help to arrange plans with some co-runners ahead of meeting up.  And encourage others to join in! 
  • One of the guidelines for a Covid19 Safe environment is that we minimise time assembling and any announcements.  This makes us a little less social than usual which is particularly tough for newcomers and Juniors who are very welcome additions.  Please bear with us. 
  • An important NON-Covid19 point to conclude! 
    • Please wear HI-VIZ top/clothing when attending Club evening sessions.  This is particularly important if you are running to and from the Training location. 

Keep Safe & Keep Running  

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