Dear Club Members 

In the light of the recent Government announcement with regard to ‘The Rule of 6’ and Social Gatherings etc, this is to clarify the position regarding Club Training Sessions.  We will continue to operate as per the published schedule. 

The following statement from England Athletics and link set out the status. 

England Athletics is pleased that club and group activity as well as competitions for athletics and running will not be affected by the new restrictions on the number of people allowed to meet up. The Government has now confirmed to Sport England that organised sports and activities which have been through return to play protocols will be allowed to continue as before

Maybe at this point it is worth recapping steps we at HH have taken and will continue to adjust to ensure that we are providing a Covid19 Safe environment to encourage you to participate.  Namely, 

  • We have a Covid19 Safe co-ordinator 
  • We run risk assessment of each session and review after each one 
  • We have developed a Training Schedule with the Covid19 Safe requirements as a major factor – checked out locations, had a ‘plan B’ option for any on-site issues 
  • We have minimised risk in how we congregate before and disperse after each session (e.g. meet up at session location thus avoiding group run down from Blue Flames) 
  • We have adapted sessions to be compliant (e.g. mini groups of max 6 people, new Balliol location, splitting groups for 800s and Hills) 
  • We have monitored each session for compliance 
  • We have maintained a register of people attending each session for tracking a tracing if necessary 
  • Club Members have participated in a way that ensures as much adherence to ‘Social Distancing’ as possible and followed new instructions 

Frankly, the last point is the most important.  Thank you for your co-operation and vigilance.  We will not become complacent as we develop our future schedule and rely on you maintaining your discipline too.   

One step that we are taking is to ask that you wear a FACE COVERING when we congregate at the start and end of the session.  

Keep Safe AND Keep Running! 

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