There are still quite a few trophies to be picked up from Heaton xc and 5k championship races from 2020 and 2021.Below are the names and awards , if anyone can collect at xc country at Alnwick Saturday I will bring them along.Alternatively if you can message me with address or other plan to collect I will try to deliver if within dog walking distance of wallsend.

Jeremy Smith (2 awards)

Andy Duigid

Hannah Shillitoe 

Sarah Melville (2 awards)

Marie Bell

Ellie Reed (2 awards)

Nina Cameron (2 awards)

Andy Burden (3 awards)

Andy Bell

William Wright

Alisin Vaulkhard

Cheryl Pallister-Bosomworth

Magnus Mcgillivray

Dani Smyth

Ellen Tullo

Dave Brignall

Kieth Haddon

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