Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile race.

The day started with me wishing I had jogging bottoms as soon as I got outside.
Then the ongoing questions of what to wear and whether or not what I had chosen was being under dressed.
It didn’t bode well as approaching Brampton seeing a thick layer of frost. Today’s race was going to be a chilly one indeed. I also forgot my trusty before race banana and after race ham sandwich. I had nerves as this was my first road race since 2013 (being the Cumbrian Run). Bumping into an old friend from home (who is an exceptional runner and came 3rd) was a nice surprise whilst approaching the starting line. Gave me solid advice that echoed throughout the race. Up to this point, the race seemed very well organized and very friendly.
The first part of the race was down a steep hill into a rather sharp right corner. After that, you’re running through country roads and the occasional fun hill but nothing too tough. I eventually warmed up and glad I opted for my Heaton vest and shorter than normal shorts. I kept a close eye on my watch and made sure my ambition didn’t get the best of me. Once in the last 2 miles, I decided to overtake as many people as I sensibly could and for the last mile, I pushed myself just that little more. I ended the race beating my goal of sub 58 by doing 56.48 and coming 33rd.
The other Heaton Harrier results are as follows:
Jason Wall pos 116 time 1:04:49
John James pos 163 time 1:08:16
Simon Jobe pos 203 time 1:11:06
Chris Checkley pos 290 time 1:17:01
Andrew Leys pos 306 time 1:18:17
Caroline Billis pos 321 time 1:19:29
On the whole I would strongly recommend this race. Some of the views were amazing and made me miss my old home of Cumbria. The few downsides if any is that it can be a bit scary running on the roads whilst cars are overtaking you if you’re not used to it and the finish line is a little awkward being a sharp left after a sprint finish. Overall a great race and a great day out.
Big shout out to John James and the other Heaton Harriers for organizing the trip.’
James M

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