North Eastern Counties Cross Country 2014 Report

A fantastic showing at the weekend by Heaton on what was a testing course on the town moor for the North Eastern Counties Cross Country Championship. Some standout performances from Hannah Shillitoe who managed a fantastic 23rd in the Women’s Race with 4 Women making the top 50. Lucas Longman was 35th in the men’s race, breaking the top 40!

Below are all the Senior Men and Women’s Results. Well done all!

Senior Men

Position NameClubBibTime
35 Lucas Longman Heaton Harriers & Ac 123344:30
47Andrew Niven Heaton Harriers & Ac123945:25
92 Ben BurrellHeaton Harriers & Ac122648:02
109John MooreHeaton Harriers & Ac1238 48:42
128Wayne FullerHeaton Harriers & Ac122749:39
134Thomas Andrew BellHeaton Harriers & Ac122249:59
145Michael MallenHeaton Harriers & Ac123450:28
148Dan RobinsHeaton Harriers & Ac124250:30
177Ian RobinsonHeaton Harriers & Ac124352:32
187Gary PattisonHeaton Harriers & Ac124153:27
242John JamesHeaton Harriers & Ac123056:14
270James LeitchHeaton Harriers & Ac123257:48
285Ian McKinnonHeaton Harriers & A123758:49
286Chris BigginHeaton Harriers & A122358:56
290Dave BignallHeaton Harriers & A122459:03
291Mark SladeHeaton Harriers & A124759:13
300Ben ShillitoeHeaton Harriers & A124659:41
309Paul InskipHeaton Harriers & A122960:29
325Alan LangfordHeaton Harriers & A123161:53
344Danny RoutledgeHeaton Harriers & A124466:33
356George RoutledgeHeaton Harriers & A 12451:48:23

Senior Women

Position Name Club BibTime
23Hannah ShillitoeHeaton Harrier & Ac82634:36
34Nina CameronHeaton Harrier & Ac82236:27
45Nadia StockHeaton Harrier & Ac82737:47
50Fiona RobinsHeaton Harrier & Ac82538:01
71Kelly DoddsHeaton Harrier & Ac82339:41
82Judith ArchiboldHeaton Harrier & Ac82040:07
86Jenny FriendHeaton Harrier & Ac82440:21
117Lisa BoydHeaton Harrier & Ac82142:33
128Helena Walsater-LowesHeaton Harrier & Ac82943:25

NEHL Fixture 3 – Wallington Hall – Junior Report

We had a good turnout from our junior runners for the last Harrier League fixture of the year at picturesque Wallington Hall.

First up and our sole representative in the Under 11 boys race was Matthew Green who finished with a trademark burst to finish in a very respectable 48th place.

Next up were the under 11 girls who were lead home by Alishia Rushby who had another fine run finishing in 23rd place. Close behind was sister Naomi in 28th and making up our under 11 team were Nyasha Mandinshonka (43rd) and Katie Dodds (48th).

The Under 13 boys race was the most eventful of the day. Brandon Rushby was too busy cheering on his sisters in the under 11 girls race to notice that he should have been on the starting line for his own race. When he realised he didn’t have time to get his running shoes from the tent so instead he had to line up in his walking boots. As if this wasn’t enough of a handicap he also missed the slow pack start and had to set off on his own. Kevin de Sousa running from the fast pack chose to keep Brandon company when he caught him up and the two teammates finished together in 52nd and 53rd place. Kiran Perkins, unaware of the drama behind him, was our first counter home in 40th position.

Heaton also closed a team in the under 13 girls race. First home was Maya Lant in 38th closely followed by Ellen Matheson in 39th, Ellie Phillipson in 49th place and Nicole Robinson in 50th.

It was good to see Thomas Green back in action in the under 15 boys race and he ran well to finish in 48th place.

The under 15 girls also closed a team. Holly Matheson running from the fast pack surged through to 4th place clocking the second quickest time of the day. She was backed up by Zoe Counter (46th) and Molly Walsater-Lowes (49th).

Our final runner of the day was Caitlin Sowter in the Under 17 girls race who paced her run perfectly from the fast pack to finish 31st place.

Report by Aaron Matheson

National Cross Country Championships: 21st February 2015



Yes I am early on sorting this one but this will take some organising. The plan is to go there and back in a day on the train.

To wet your whistle ask anybody who did it last year and they will say this event is not to be missed.

Here the official site:-

After a few phone calls to East Coast Trains I have got a realistic estimate on the price per person to go down to the big smoke. This will come in at around £50 a head. As mentioned previously, the club will pay half this amount for representing the club at this not to be missed event. So what do I require from you the member. As I will need to book the tickets month I will want a deposit upfront to show your commitment to run the race. This is because until I get to the point of booking the trains, I will not know the true amount. In total with a refundable £7 race entry total cost will be £32.

Right to summarise. I need from the member £14 now to run this race. Once I have booked the train tickets the remaining amount will be due.

Any juniors who want to run the race needs to let me know asap as this will affect the times we leave Newcastle for the big smoke.

When giving over the money, if you hold a railcard please let me know and what sort you hold. This is very important as this will save you money!!!!

To pay the £14 pounds, it can be in cash, paypal or direct transfer into the clubs accounts. Contact Andy Bell for payment details.

Rights that’s the lot. I am putting a closing date on this of the 15TH NOVEMBER!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Come on and support this your club at the FA Cup of cross country.

Cross Country 2012/2013 – Dates for your Diary

29th September 2012: Sherman Cup/Davison Cup @ Temple Park (South Shields)

North East Harrier League
27th October 2012: Blyth (Cramlington)
17th November 2012: Blaydon (Shibdon Pond)
15th December 2012: Jarrow (Bedewell Park)
9th February 2013: Saltwell (Wrekenton)
2nd March 2013: Alnwick
23rd March 2013: Tynedale (Prudhoe)

8th December 2012: North East Cross Country Championships (Hartlepool)
25th January 2013: Northern Cross Country Championships (Knowsley Park, Liverpool)
23rd February 2013: National Cross Country Championships (Herrington Park)
16th March 2013: Masters Cross Country Championships (Herrington Park)

Farringdon XC Races 2012

The 2012/2013 cross country season got underway yesterday with the traditional opener in Farringdon, Sunderland.

In the junior events U13 Heaton Harrier Holly Matheson was 3rd in the U13 girls race in a time of 12.02.

In the senior men’s relay Heaton Harriers ‘A’ we’re 3rd in a time of 38.44.

Jamie Barbour 09.15 (6)
Ian Robinson 09.56 (7)
Oliver Jardine 10.03 (5)
Lucas Longman 09.30

Heaton ‘B’, 13th in 42.16

Dan Robins 10.07 (19)
Andy Bell 11.00 (20)
Wayne Fuller 10.22 (15)
Scott McEntre 10.47

Heaton ‘C’ (partial)

Shaun Harris 10.53 (26)
Paul Inskid 11.55

Heaton Vets, 7th vets team in 46.18

Andrew Leys 11.15 (9)
Colin McEntre 12.38 (12)
Aaron Matheson 10.13 (8)
John James 12.10

In the ladies race Nina Cameron was first Heaton Harrier home in 12th position with the other ladies packing together in 38th, 39th and 40th.

12 Nina Cameron (336) 12.17
38 Helen Watsater (334) 13.43
39 Victoria Baty (337) 13.44
40 Deborah Hicks (338)

Well done to all who competed.

North East Harriers League Farringdon

Another Great performance from Heaton Harriers at the Farringdon XC. As you are aware there were problems with the finish so this may have effected some peoples final position.

All of that aside there were some fantastic performances from both the men and women. Jamie Barbour (promoted to medium pack) kept his current strong form going to come through in 3rd against a very tough field at the front. Nick Froom and Ed Taylor had quality runs and both featured as team counters for the first time. Kelly Dodds had a great run coming through to 11th, all the more impressive as she completed the park run that morning aswell.

Thank you to all who showed out again in great numbers! also there were many more quality runs i havnt mentioned and great to see such progression at all levels.

Mens Results

3     0:34:52 BARBOUR, Jamie (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
37   0:37:57 BUIS, James (1) Heaton Harriers Fast
41   0:38:04 JARDINE, Oliver (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
88   0:39:36 FROOM, Nick (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
90   0:39:39 TAYLOR, Ed (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
106 0:40:06 MACLEOD, Jamie (1) Heaton Harriers Medium
111 0:40:16 ROBINS, Dan (1) Heaton Harriers Medium
121 0:40:32 WRIGHT, Davey (1) Heaton Harriers Medium
122 0:40:33 DICKER, Gary (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
133 0:40:46 GREEN, Philip (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
140 0:40:59 BELL, Andrew (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
153 0:41:15 HOWE, Paul (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
162 0:41:35 HARRIS, Shaun (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
206 0:43:04 LONGMAN, Lucas (1) Heaton Harriers Fast
212 0:43:18 WALL, Jason (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
256 0:45:08 MACLEOD, Joseph (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
267 0:45:49 LANGFORD, Alan (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
268 0:45:51 ZOPPI, Guillaume (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
280 0:46:23 BATY (V), Edward (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
293 0:47:21 JOBE, Simon (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
298 0:47:39 WARD, Christopher (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
300 0:47:40 BRIGNALL, David (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
312 0:48:06 PACE, David (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
339 0:50:59 GAMMACK, Neil Scott (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
359 0:57:27 YOUNG, Dennis (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
362 0:59:14 ROUTLEDGE, George (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)

Ladies Results

11   00:25:16 Dodds, Kelly (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
16   00:25:39 Tullo, Ellen (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
20   00:25:59 Hicks, Deborah (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
32   00:26:56 Friend, Jenny (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
38   00:27:05 Zoppi, Jo (1) Heaton Harriers Fast
51   00:27:25 Shillitoe, Hannah (1) Heaton Harriers Med
73   00:27:55 Cameron, Nina (1) Heaton Harriers Med (Vet)
97   00:28:55 Chapman, Pauline (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
111 00:29:43 Hail, Francis (1) Heaton Harriers Slow
120 00:30:09 Archibold, Judith (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)
129 00:31:29 Bonnard, Alexandra (1) Heaton Harriers Slow (Vet)

Under 13 GIRLS

27 00:13:58 Tait, Elisha (1)Heaton Harriers

Prudhoe Harrier League – Captains Report

There was a great buzz in the car driving to the penultimate cross country! Weather wise it looked to be a nice day with not too much wind for the very tough Prudhoe fixture. After juggling bodies around between cars we were on to discussing what we would need to do to get the men on the top spot.
When my car full arrived at Prudhoe we collected some extra numbers and waited for the Zoppi’s to arrive with the new Heaton team tent! After the fairly lengthy walk to the top of the hill it was great to see plenty of green and white vests already waiting and in no time the new tent and flag were up (which were cracking!) …

After some team photos and a warm up it was time for the first pack to go! Regardless of the final result everyone was in great spirits and ready to attack the course! After shouting for the medium pack it was almost time to set off from the fast pack. The pace was quick from the outset into a steady rise then round the first bend and onto the decent. I settled into the middle of the pack where I could see James Buis taking the lead and spreading the field. I have ran Prudhoe several times now at different fitness levels but the hill never gets any easier, the only thing that gets you up and over is the immense support from the Heaton Ladies and friends of which there were plenty.

By the time I was over the hill for the second time I was desperate to get to the finish as my legs were feeling very weak. There were already several Heaton men waiting by the tent and it appeared I was around 50th and 6th counter. This meant the men in front of me had done amazingly well and the men behind me had done a great job at pushing the other clubs back.
After a great run from the men the women did an amazing job and received the same support on the hill climb with a tunnel of Heaton supporters roaring the runners round! It paid off as they sealed the win for the fourth year in a row! A great achievement!

As we waited for the final result it was great to have so many clubs approach me to say well done for our graft over the whole season. We had so many men turn out for the different races with lots of standout performances. After what seemed like hours and hours it was confirmed that Heaton Harriers were the men and women’s 2011 NE Harrier League Champions. This was the first time in history that one club won both trophies in one season.

To say collecting the trophy was a proud moment for myself and all involved in Heaton Harriers is an understatement.

Mark Likeman
Men’s Team Captain