Club kit

When you first join the club you will be provided with a white vest to race in. This vest should be worn for all road races, track  and cross country fixtures, and some off road events (typically those where club runners are eligible for team prizes).

white vest

Women should speak to Deborah Hicks and men Sam Daley to obtain their club vest. Further vests are available to purchase – older style Ronhill vests cost £13, and vests from our new supplier cost £20.

The club has a second registered kit, a myrtle green vest. This can be worn for fell racing. 

myrtle green vest

Myrtle vests are £10 and can be purchased from Sam or Deborah. Please be aware that wearing a myrtle vest during a road race can make you ineligible for prizes, and during cross country you will be disqualified for wearing it. When in doubt, wear your white vest!

Other kit is available to purchase, including buffs for £10 and training t-shirts for £10.



From time to time other kit like hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts can be purchased, when a special order is put in to the supplier. Keep an eye on the Facebook group and the monthly newsletter for details of these orders.