Club Sessions : Monday August 3rd-13th 2020

IT’S (HE’S) BACK!!! The Monthly Mile, hosted by Chairman George, will re-start on Monday August 3rd.  It is your chance for a Mile Time Trial.  We will make a few adjustments so that it is Covid19 Safe but otherwise unchanged from usual at the venue on West Street.  Please be there for 7:15pm to register with George who will then allocate you a specific start time which will begin from 7:30pm. 

Over the last 4 weeks we have had 8 club sessions.  Over 320 people attended the various outings.  To date, 85 different members have appeared with 0 reported Covid19 cases.  Typically, on a Tuesday we are now seeing 50+ people and over 30 on a Thursday which is the best for a couple of years.  Thanks again for your attendance, co-operation and feedback.  Let’s keep it going.   

Please continue to be vigilant and enjoy yourselves.  We are keeping a register of people attending just in case we need to help with any contact tracing.  We ask you to let the Club Secretary know if, very unfortunately, you do test positive for Covid19. 

Here’s the schedule for the next couple of weeks.  We are making some modifications both to the type of sessions and to comply with the Covid19 Safe guidelines.  For several sessions we are meeting ‘on site’ and the training location rather than at Blue Flames.  This is because we do not want to have a 30-50 group of people jogging along the road.  As in previous weeks, once at the session we will make things clear on the evening!  Be there and find out!  

Date Session Logistics Notes 
Monday August 3rd Monthly Mile West Street junction with Rutland Road (NE28 8QL).  Register from 7:15pm, Run from 7:30pm Once you’ve registered you will be given an individual start time. 
Tuesday August 4th  Killi Pursuit in reverse! Meet at Blue Flames on GRASS/CAR PARK at 7pm We will form mini-groups of 6. Fastest group leave first with 15 sec gap. 
Thursday August 6th  ‘Just a Minute’!!!  12*300-400m reps with 90 sec recovery Stephenson School Field, Forest Hall (NE12 7BH) at 7:15pm 1 minute effort with 90 sec recovery  
Tuesday August 11th  800m reps with 2 min recovery in 30 min  Rising Sun Country Park. (NE12 9SS) at 7:15pm We will meet as a group at outside the café/car park area.  This is near where Parkrun starts.  The car park is closed in the evening but you could park at Asda! 
Thursday August 13th Hills at Rising Sun TOP of hill at Rising Sun This will NOT be the Fig 8 session but will be the hills! 

Hope to see you there! 

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