Club Sessions – Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th July

It has been great to see even more people attending Club Sessions and enthusiastically participating safely!  We are now going to focus a little more on the quality of the sessions.  

As we do this please maintain the excellent Covid19 Safe habits that you have brought to the Club Sessions.  Namely, social distancing, forming mini-groups of no more than 6 people and respecting the need not to appear as a mob to the other members of the public!  It is important that we remain vigilant not only for our own health but also so that members of the Club who are more concerned do feel it is an environment where they run safely.  Thanks again for your efforts so far. 

Date Session Meeting Point & Time Notes 
Tuesday 28th July Heaton Hills BOTTOM of Heaton Hill (Junction of Jesmond Vale Lane and Ouseburn Rd) @7:15pm Modification to usual session at this location. We will explain on the evening so please be on time for the briefing!  
Thursday30th July 1 Mile Reps @ Balliol Balliol Business Park @7:15pm Different course!  Be on time for briefing.  

Looking forward to seeing you at the Club Sessions.  Please do not hesitate to provide feedback/comments and ideas.  We are watching, listening and learning!!! 

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