Druridge bay 10k: Summer Grand Prix

Always a fun day out, the Druridge Bay 10K is a favourite for the club. We have supported this “charity run” more or less since its inception. But don’t let the fun run tag put you off, it has always attracted a quality field of locals (and Morpeth A string runners). The course is based on and around the Druridge Bay country park.

The race is organised by a composite group of locals from Redrow, Hadston, Broomhill and Amble. They are a bunch from the Brick Club at Redrow, Blyth running club, Alnwick Harriers and the Counties newest club Ashington Hurst running club (and I am proud to call most of them friends). The route takes in a lot of the places I used to rake around as a youngster.

As Grand Prix race we had a lot of entries to the race. Nina Cameron has done every race and her sister, Phillipa everyone bar one (twisted ankle).  This bank holiday weekend has been quite warm and Sunday started off dull but still warm. The #greenandwhitearmy gathered before the oft.

On the front row were Ian Harding, Morpeth Harriers and just off the night shift, Our Magnus and Alnwick Harriers Young gun Dom Harris and Veteran superhero Peter Grey (nearly super vet!). We had a host of fantastic women, Nina, Lisa H, Jessie H, Sharon C, and lots more.

The race was started by the very substantial local councillor, lovely chap. A very warm off..downhill on the tarmac, before hitting the trails towards the beach road.  The wind wasn’t strong but the breeze was welcome. The hardcore track to REEDRAA (Redrow) was hot and oppressive, high hedges, no breeze and a steady incline. I could see Ian and Maggie pulling away at the front of the race. I just sat in and kept to pace. Redrow, (where I went to Infants school) is the top of the race height wise and a left turn onto tarmac. The downhill past the Drift stone is a fast 1 mile run towards the 6k mark at the beach. Out past the Moouth, (Mouth of the Redrow burn) and head North back towards the country park. The sand was firm and the wind had changed its art to the north-west. The cool breeze was very welcome and then off the sand past a host of supporters from Heaton. This short section onto the road sapped the legs before heading back into the country park. Once round the park run course is how it finishes. The heat was still grim and the 8k on the far side of the lake, saw everyone just hanging in. Over the Chinese bridge and up a short hill before an equally short downhill. The race route then follows a gravel path back to the finish near the visitor centre. (nobody passed me). I finished behind Maggie who was 2nd overall in 13th place. Hair Bair Bunch and super fast mate Ian Harding won.

Nina was 1st lady overall, followed by Lisa Harpin in 2nd and Jessie Hetherington in 3rd place to give the ladies a brilliant  1,2,3 for Heaton and team win.

It also amazingly saw a PB for Marshall Leitch given the heat. Obviously, there’s bags more from this Vet to come, well done mate.

Reg Checkley won the oldest competitor trophy (despite going home swearing he had seen a bloke about 86 passing him).

Very proud of our road runners doing their stuff, lasses and lads winning stuff for Heaton!

results on the FB page till i can work our how to up load them.

Pictures Here.

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