NEHL 2021-22 Fixture 1: Wrekenton, 25th September

The first race of the cross country season is here! This Saturday, the North East Harrier League kicks off at Wrekenton.


Not sure if you’ve registered or which pack you’re starting in? Check the list here. If you’re not registered but want to run, a limited number of places may be available on the day for £5.


1200 Under 11 Boys (1.5k)
1205 Under 11 Girls (1.5k)
1215 Under 17 Men (1.5 laps approx. 5k)
1220 Under 20 & Under 17 Women (1.5 laps approx 5k)
1235 Under 15 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles – 3.2k)
1240 Under 15 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles – 3.2k)
1250 Under 13 Boys (1 lap approx. 2 miles – 3.2k)
1255 Under 13 Girls (1 lap approx. 2 miles – 3.2k)
1305 Senior Women (2 laps approx. 4 miles – 6.4k)
1350 Senior Men (3 laps approx. 6 miles – 9.6k)

Help is needed to put up and take down the Heaton Harriers tent. If you’re able to, please show up at 11am to set the tent up ready for the Junior races, or stay after the Senior Men finish to take it down. If you use the tent at all during the NEHL season, please commit to helping at least once to make sure it’s available for our runners.


Wrekenton cross country route and distances for 25th September 2021


Use the postcode NE9 6RZ for your Satnav. Two parking areas are available: the NHS Park & Ride opposite Cardinal Hulme School, and the empty land near the start area on Harebell Road. This is around 200m away from Cardinal Hulme School.

Do not park on Old Durham Road or in the estate near to the start area. Doing so can jeopardise future use of this site by the Harrier League. Where possible, please car share to reduce pressure on the car parks.


  • Do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or if the self-isolation rules apply to you.
  • Wear a mask where groups congregate, wash your hands and use hand gels regularly, take a couple of LFT tests this week prior to the race. NEHL ask that you complete your vaccinations if possible.
  • Wear your white vest, take your own safety pins and collect this season’s race number from the club tent prior
  • As well as the usual NEHL rules, a new rule applies from this season relating to spitting. Do not spit during the race or while warming up, this could lead to individual disqualification and loss of points for the club.
  • Listen to the marshalls and race officials on the day. The club captains are no strangers to the NEHL either, so ask Scott or Debbie any questions you may have.
  • Have a great race and enjoy the day out with the club!

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