NEHL Wallington – Ladies Captain Report

For the first time in this season’s cross country season the sun didn’t shine, but the calm, relatively mild weather offered good running conditions. The course was certainly a breeze compared to last week, though there were a couple of tricky narrow sections to negotiate which made overtaking challenging.

First counter for Heaton Ladies was Katie Maxwell who is getting increasingly stronger in cross country; Katie gained promotion to medium pack-well done! The other counters were Kelly, who had a great run, and Nadia, who despite not being particularly chuffed with the concept of medium pack at the start, ran through the field really well. Jenny and Judith were home shortly after – great performances by the two J’s. Next in was Lisa, who looked much happier (or least less wracked with pain) than last week. I was pleased Alison had not been the least bit daunted by her baptism by fire (or mud) at her first fixture at Aykley Heads and came back for more fun this time. It was good to see Helena, Alex and Fiona T-M (with some fab socks) back in action this week.

As more of us are promoted each time, we do need more people to come out and run in the New Year. Thanks to all who have turned out so far this season. We are now at the half way point with the next fixture at Jarrow on January 17th. Have a happy Christmas everyone!

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