NEHL Alnwick – Ladies Captains Report

The penultimate fixture of this season’s Harrier League at Alnwick was an important one for Heaton Ladies. We were slipping down Division 1 and needed a strong team performance to be sure of missing the relegation zone. The 10 ladies who turned up all ran hard and did us proud.

Our counters this time were: Nicola, who, with her brilliant 12th place from the mediums, earns promotion to the fast pack for Wrekenton (at least there will be someone to keep me company at the start); next in was Laura: it was great to see her again and it was a real bonus to the team to have her; our 3rd counter for Nadia, who also ran very strongly from the mediums: the medium pack did us proud.

It was nice to see Caroline and Linda back for this fixture. Thanks to the regular crew: Lisa, Jenny, Helena, Katie, Alison who have put so much into this season so far. A special mention to Lisa who hobbled round in pain, but finished (still high up the field) because she is truly indefatigable.

So we retain our 6th  position in Division 1, but we are still not certain of staying up.  The last fixture is Wrekenton: It would make a great ending to the season to have a vast crowd of Heaton ladies, pushing other clubs’ runners back down the position and scaring the opposition. We were missing a few runners this time and I still have some unused numbers; it is now or never, so please turn out and I promise I won’t harass you again (well, until next September).

Thanks again to those who turned out and did your bit for Heaton. We didn’t kill anyone, but I hope you had a good time (even if you didn’t yet realise it when you were slogging up the hill 2nd time round). Thanks also, as ever, to the bakers and supporters, the latter of whom seemed to have formed into a band (that did come as something of a surprise first lap).

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