Results of the May Monthly Mile

Well done to all runners at tonight’s Monthly Mile, and thanks to George, Les, Dennis, Colin and Sam for making it happen. Click the title to see full results.

NameElapsed timeHandicapActual time
James McKenzie6.331.305.03
Paul Waller6.401.305.10
Les Smith5.530.305.23
Scott McEntee6.351.005.35
Calum Mills5.410.005.50
Jack Shawcross6.501.005.50
Thomas Checkley7.191.006.19
Laura Smith7.491.306.19
Nicola Brady7.221.006.22
Chris Checkley8.081.306.38
Danny Routledge10.093.306.39
Megan Turner7.461.006.46
Jake Smith7.230.306.53
Helen Hodgson7.300.307.00
Finley Smith7.390.307.09
Lisa Boyd8.381.007.38
Janette Kilgour8.560.008.56
Reg Checkley10.020.0010.02
George Routledge12.500.0012.50

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