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Round up of last month’s club achievements

We have been very busy racing over the last month with some cracking runs by everyone – well done all J and a very special mention and congratulation to John Moore who has won multiple GOLDS at the World Transplant Games in Malaga (see Track and Field section)

Apologies if I’ve missed anybody (do let me know) and, also, if you have run in a race not mentioned J.

Road races:

Stamfordham 10k (n=120) – Magnus McGillivray 1st

Weetslade Relays (n=103 teams) – Team A (Andy, Janine, Mark) 16th; Team B (Micky, Colette, Liam) 25th; Team E  (Keith, Chrystal, David) 68th Team C  (James, Calum, Janette) 69th Team F (Chris, Helena, Anthony) 74th Team D  (Craig, Jenny, George) 102nd

Anita Nott Memorial 5k (record entry this year of 416) – Holly Matheson 6th, Janine Routledge 26th, Lisa Harpin 31st, Hannah Shillitoe 33rd, Sharon Cook 41st, Jennifer Hughes 48th, Jessie Hetherington 50th, Helena Walsater 54th, Ellen Cole 57th, Chrystal Skeldon 60th, Caroline Lievesley 72nd, Cristina Tyley 76th, Linda Francis 81st, Emma Plummer 97th, Lisa Boyd 132nd, Emma Kennedy 135th, Pamela Gold 203rd

Tynedale 10k (n=414) – Andy Burden 26th, Ian McAuslan 41st, Liam Riley 53rd, Doug Cockett 62nd, Scott McEntee 72nd, John James 73rd (2nd V60) , Chris Graham 109th , Chris George 141st , Ian Sanderson 149th , Peter Robinson Smith 154th , Colin McEntee 188th (1st V65), David Main 203rd , Mathew Crawford 244th , Antony Steel 253rd

Tyne Bridges 5m (n-422) – Stephen Schubeler 17th, Magnus McGillivray 33rd, Andy Burden 37th, Scott McEntee 71st, Chris George 127th, Lisa Harpin 136th, Peter Robinson Smith 143rd, Chris Checkley 148th, Aidan Batey 162nd, Andrew Townsend 171st, Colin McEntee 182nd(1st V65 – 3 years in a row!), Allen Mulliss 213th, Ellen Cole 214th, David Pace 258th, John Oswald 297th, Isabelle Grillot 385th Janette Kilgour 399th George Routledge 415th

Gateshead 10k (n=4079) – Liam Riley 94th, Glen Rae 195th, Calum Mills 233rd, Ashley Robinson 292nd, Andrew Townsend 511th, Lizzy Stephenson 701st, David Pace 861st, Les Smith 921st. Keith Hanna 983rd, Gillian Johnston 1058th.

We Love Manchester 10k (n=1500)– Magnus McGillivray 12th, Lisa Harpin 188th

Sunderland 5KLadies (n=97) – Janine Routledge 42nd, Lisa Harpin 45th, Jennifer Hughes 56th, Jessie Hetherington 60th, Ellen Cole 66th, Janette Kilgour 92nd; Senior men (n=182) – Stephen Schubeler 45th, Magnus McGillivray 56th, John Sturman 95th; V50’s (n=47) – John James 11th (2nd V60), Colin McEntee 33rd (2nd V65), George Routledge 47th (4th V70).

Hexham half marathon (n=342) – Andy Bell 20th, David Slater 40th, Andrew Murray 113th,

Track and Field

World Transplant Games – Malaga; John Moore 5k road race V40 Gold, (2nd overall), 5k road race Team Gold (John Moore, Matthew Salkeld and Philip Cairnduff), 1500m John Moore V40 Gold, 800m John Moore V40 Gold

Northern league 4th match position Whitley Bay 4th; League position 4th overall (1 more fixture to go on 6th August)

North East Masters – check website for individual event positions BUT both Heaton men AND women are currently sitting 1st in the team Grand Prix (1 more fixture to go on 31st July)

Trail and Fell races:

Windy Gyle fell race­ (n=78)Dave Brigham 15th, Steve Tanser 31st, Steph Irving 34th, Les Bellis 48th

Humbleton fell race (n=78) – Matt Hetherington 3rd; Phil Green 21st, Ian McAuslan 23rd, Nina Cameron 43rd (3rd V40),

Hadrian Wall Half Marathon (n=337) – Magnus McGillivray 5th, Doug Michael 50th, Beth Lawry 77th, Lisa Harpin 112th, Jenny Friend 171st, Paramjeet Bhogal 209th,

Angel View (n=119) – Magnus McGillivray 6th, Scott McEntee 17th, Alan Langford 31st, Doug Michael 37th, Lisa Harpin 44th, Chris Checkley 46th, Adam Nott 53rd, Colin McEntee 58th (1st V65), Ellen Cole 78th, Antony Steel 92nd, David Pace 94th.

Chevy Chase (n-196 completed)– Andrew Maxwell 33rd, Alex Cook 36th, Alan Langford 72nd, Nina Cameron 84th, Thomas Green 87th=, Phil Green 87th=, Pete Jobes 91st, Sharon Cook 108th, Andrew Bell 109th, Nicola Roper 111th, Conrad Kelly 112th, Chris Checkley 133rd, Lisa Harpin 136th, Magnus McGillivray 137th, Jenny Friend 172nd =, Helena Walsater 172nd =.

Saltwell (Stanhope) Fell race (n=85) – Chris Thain 4th, Ian McAuslan 17th, Phil Green 24th, Alex Cook 27th, Alan Langford 35th, Colette Whitfield 40th, Les Bellis 46th, Sharon Cook 67th, Beth Lawry 69th.

Chatsworth 10k – Stephen Schubeler 1st

Beacon Hill fell race (n=56) – Matt Hetherington 2nd, Phil Green 13th (2nd V45), Alan Langford 25th, Nina Cameron 41st (3rd lady), Tom Green 44th (2nd U21)

Kentmere Horseshoe Fell race (N=346) – Matt Hetherington 30th, Phil Green 147th.

Chapel Fell Top (n=66) Ian McAuslan 18th, Phil Green 22nd, Nina Cameron 54th (1st V40 lady)


Cleveland Steelman (half Ironman) (n=217) – Nicola Roper 42nd (2nd senior female), Ian Sanderson 165th

Woodhorn triathlon (sprint) (n=117) Jo Zoppi 19th (2nd senior female)


Sierra Nevada (Spain) – Gary Pattison 45.5km with 2423m total ascent, Caroline Billis 45.5km with total 2423m ascent

Care of Alan Langford, Club Sec.

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