Training Schedule

Training Sessions

Please remember that the sessions below are weather dependent and that they may change on the night to accommodate for poor running conditions, tentative club sessions for the next couple of months are below (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

We need volunteers to help leading the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you are willing to help please get in touch.

Training sessions are done in training groups, an explanation about the groups can be found here

At the foot of this page is further info around training for events, please do not be put off by this information, training sessions are designed to cover a wide range of abilities. If you are looking to attend just one Heaton Harriers session a week you are more than welcome.
anyone needs info on session/venue/groups  e- mail

The next phase of training over the next 4/5 months concentrates on strength  and endurance. Hill work , cross country , long intervals, mileage.It will pay off come spring / summer next year.

Tuesday 6th November
Heaton park hill ( warm up run from blue flames approx. 2.5 miles )
2 – 4 – 6 – 8 session.
session starts at junction of heaton road and jesmond vale lane. NE6 5HL 7.25
About the session.
form groups at the top of the hill and run easy to bottom to start session, run hard to 2nd lampost, jog back to base and reform group.Run hard to 4th lampost ,jog back to base and reform group.Do the same to 6th then 8th lampost.Continue for 25 minutes , if you reach 8th lampost before 25 minutes start back to 2nd lampost again , then 4th ect.. until 25 minutes reached.
Thursday 8th November
lisa session.(if not meeting at blueflames session starts  around 7.20 -30 at heaton manor school on astro -turf) improving pace and speed surges through stride length and cadence judgement.

Change to Club ‘Torch’ session this evening. Instead of the torch run through the Rising Sun, there will be a Tempo run 5-6 miles) from Club down to Crosslings, around the handicap course then back to BF

Tuesday 13th November
3k Time Trial (if not meeting at blue flames time trial starts at crosslings corner, coastroad, approx. 7.20 )
About the session
Warm up to crosslings corner approx. 1.5miles , time trial route follows club handycap course and finishes near school on west street , someone will be waiting at finish to give finishing times so all start time trial together.
Thursday 15th November
20 out 18 back
About the session.
Start blue flames run brisk(just faster than steady training pace ) down coach lane ,left along coast road, left up station road until 20 minutes elasped. turn and run back at pace that will get you back in 18 minutes.Job done.
Tuesday 20th November
killy persuits
groups of approx.6-10 of equal ability’s setoff from blue flames to start session just past benton metro at the bus stop.Run at a brisk , but not too fast pace around the killy persuits course with the back marker sprinting to the front , then indicating by raising arm to the back marker to do the same.Continue this until reaching four lane ends finish where we will re-group and warm down back to blue flames.the session is approx.5miles with a half mile warm down.The key to this session is getting in the right group and running at the right pace between efforts.Get this criteria right and you get a quality session , get it wrong and youve been out for a 5 mile easy run.
It has been suggested  to set groups off fast groups first to avoid problems with groups passing each other , if this is the case once your group has re grouped at finish at 4 lane ends please head back to blue flames to avoid too much standing about in the cold.
Thursday 22nd November
lisa session.(if not meeting at blueflames session starts 7.30 at heaton manor school on astro -turf)
Tuesday 27th November
BALLIOL 1 mile-intervals (those not running from blue flames meet at balliol business park(NE12 8BS) at 7.20 ,the warm up from blue flames is approx. 1.5 miles)
About the session (the efforts should be done at 5k race pace)
Done in groups do as many as 30 minutes allows taking 2 minutes recovery between efforts.
Thursday 29th November
Armstrong bridge hill workout.(if not meeting at blue flames meet on armstrong bridge approx.7.20. the warm up run from blue flames/ 2 miles.)
about the session
This is a continuous 20 minute run starting half way up armstrong bank working hard to the top , running easy (recovery ) back to starting point.
Tuesday 4th december
2/ 3k (start and finish at crosslings corner) 2 minutes recovery between efforts.
3k pace middle to high tempo. (if not meeting at blue flames session starts at crosslings corner, coastroad, approx. 7.20 )
About the session
This is a session to improve your lactate threshold pace.The pace you run these efforts at depends on the distance of the intervals.The shorter the interval the nearer you should be to your lactate threshold.The more time you spend close to your lactate threshold pace , the greater the stimulus for improvement.The recommended pace for 3k efforts is slightly faster than your 10 mile race pace.
Thursday 6th december
lisa session.(if not meeting at blueflames session starts 7.30 at heaton manor school on astro -turf)
Tuesday 11th december
West street 800’s(if not running from blue flames session starts 7.20 coast road junction of west street, warm up run from blue flames approx. 2 miles)
About the session
This is an 800 mtr interval training session done in groups starting at juction of west street and coast road .
All groups do as many as 30 minutes allows , taking 50% of effort time as recovery.

Thursday 13th december

Tuesday 18th december
Christmas handicap and buffet
Thursday 20th december
lisa session.(if not meeting at blueflames session starts 7.30 at heaton manor school on astro -turf)

the training plan is based on a 4-week cycle of hard, medium hard, very hard and then an easy week. Each week is then broken down as follows:

  • Mondays are rest / recovery days (sauna/swim/massage etc)
  • Tuesdays are very hard club session
  • Wednesdays are easy run
  • Thursdays are medium hard club session easy/medium paced. If not competing on Saturday do a shorter fast run on Saturday and make Sunday’s long run medium/fast paced. If competing on Sunday have a rest/recovery (sauna/swim/massage etc) on Saturday, compete on Sunday and have a relaxed shorter recovery run on Monday. DO NOT COMPETE ON BOTH DAYS.

Competitive Running

Try to grade your competitive runs in the following three categories:

A – important race or Pb attempt
B – possible time trial or faster run(e.g. Parkrun, NEHL)
C – participation/social run, for club points or fun

In any one four week period try to limit competitions to one A, one B, one C and one no-race week.

Tempo runs help you improve your running economy and your running form. They are sometimes described as ‘threshold’ or ‘hard but controlled’ runs), tempo based on 5k times
16:00 min = 5:33 min/mile
17:00 min = 5:53 min/mile
18:00 min = 6:12 min/mile
19:00 min = 6:32 min/mile
20:00 min = 6:52 min/mile
21:00 min = 7:11 min/mile
22:00 min = 7:31 min/mile
23:00 min = 7:50 min/mile
24:00 min = 8:10 min/mile
25:00 min = 8:29 min/mile
26:00 min = 8:48 min/mile
27:00 min = 9:07 min/mile
28:00 min = 9:26 min/mile

Information on Trevor’s fast running/speed endurance 400m session
5km time   1st rep finish    2nd rep start     2nd rep finish      3rd rep start     3rd rep finish
30.00          2.13                 6.39                  8.52                     13.18               15.31
29.30          2.10                 6.30                  8.40                     13.00               15.10
29.00          2.08                 6.24                  8.32                     12.48               14.56
28.30          2.06                 6.18                  8.24                     12.36               14.42
28.00          2.04                 6.12                  8.16                     12.24               14.28
27.30          2.02                 6.06                  8.08                     12.12               14.14
27.00          2.00                 6.00                  8.00                     12.00               14.00
26.30          1.58                 5.52                  7.50                     11.44               13.42
26.00          1.55                 5.45                  7.40                     11.30               13.25
25.30          1.53                 5.41                  7.34                     11.22               13.15
25.00          1.51                 5.33                  7.24                     11.06               12.57
24.30          1.48                 5.24                  7.12                     10.48               12.36
24.00          1.46                 5.18                  7.04                     10.36               12.22
23.30          1.44                 5.12                  6.56                     10.24               12.08
23.00          1.42                 5.06                  6.48                     10.12               11.54
22.30          1.39                 4.57                  6.36                       9.54               11.33
22.00          1.37                 4.51                  6.28                       9.42               11.19
21.30          1.35                 4.45                  6.20                       9.30               11.05
21.00          1.33                 4.39                  6.12                       9.18               10.51
20.30          1.30                 4.30                  6.00                       9.00               10.30
20.00          1.28                 4.24                  5.52                       8.48               10.16
19.30          1.26                 4.18                  5.44                       8.36               10.02
19.00          1.24                 4.12                  5.36                       8.24                 9.48
18.30          1.22                 4.04                  5.26                       8.08                 9.30
18.00          1.19                 3.57                  5.16                       7.54                 9.13
17.30          1.17                 3.51                  5.08                       7.42                 8.59
17.00          1.15                 3.45                  5.00                       7.30                 8.45
16.30          1.13                 3.39                  4.52                       7.18                 8.31
16.00          1.10                 3.30                  4.40                       7.00                 8.10
15.30          1.08                 3.24                  4.32                       6.48                 7.56
15.00          1.06                 3.18                  4.24                       6.36                 7.42
14.30          1.04                 3.12                  4.16                       6.24                 7.28
14.00          1.01                 3.03                  4.04                       6.06                 7.07
13.30          0.59                 2.57                  3.56                       5.54                 6.53
13.00          0.57                 2.51                  3.48                       5.42                 6.39

Session: 400m Repetition Running

Variety: Pace reps and strides.

Intensity: Reps are fast, but not necessarily “hard” because they are short and are followed by relatively long recovery. Recoveries are long enough so that each run feels no more difficult than the previous one. The purpose of Repetitions is to improve speed and efficiency and you cannot get faster or more efficient if you are not running relaxed. If it takes 3 minutes recovery between Rep 400s, then that is what is needed. Reducing rest time between individual reps does not make for a better session, in fact it probably makes for a worse session because the short rests will increase the stress by moving the body into the lactate energy system leading to reduced speed and poor economy Think of Repetitions as similar to current 1500 or mile race pace.

Purpose: To improve your running speed and economy.