WC 24th June – Weekly Round-up

Monday was a big day for Heaton Harriers as it saw us host the Anita Nott Ladies only 5K Memorial Run through Jesmond Dene and Heaton Park. See the link below for the results.


The event was a huge success with a great turnout of runners, helpers and supporters. A big thank you to everyone that helped before, during and after. 481 ladies and one gentleman completed the course, of which 31 were Heaton Harriers. As a club we had some fantastic results. Dani Smyth crossed the finish line first, Dani, Hannah Nagel and Laura Oldfield Smith took second team prize and Judith Archibold and Elaine Waters finished first in their age category.

At the event we trialled the ‘bring your own water bottle’ system. I think we can agree it was well supported. This picture was taken before everyone moved onto the bridge, so I am sure even more were deposited.

The Heaton Harrier army of volunteers did the club proud!

And then we ran in crazy humid conditions.

Like true North East athletes, some of us headed to the pub afterwards to debrief and to wish Lisa Boyd a happy birthday.

Tuesday was training night and a huge turnout headed to Duke’s Pond in the Rising Run for a parlauf session. Some really impressive efforts and lots of new faces. This session is becoming a firm favourite. Approximately 640m around the lake, then tag your partner and rest whilst they run. Lovely scenery, very social – what’s not to love!

Wednesday saw two of our lovely Heaton Harriers head to Kirkley to complete the Kirkley 10k. Karen Bailey and I have done this race before and if I remember rightly, its quite undulating on open roads. Not the easiest road race, so well done to Katie Maxwell and Janette Routledge. Katie came over the line 2nd in her category and Janette was 1st in her category. Fabulous.


Also on Wednesday, the youngsters were doing Heaton Harrier’s proud. Over the water in Monkton several of our juniors completed in the 100m’s, 800m’s and 1 mile at the NEGP North East Grand Prix.

Casey Graham came 1st in the 100m in a time of 15:20. taking 3rd best performance in the club track this year for the 100m.

Charlotte Hobbs 1st in the 800m in a time of 2:50:10.

Rosie Swatman 3rd in the 800m in a time of 2:40:70, also taking the 3rd best performance in the club track this year.

Thomas Stutt 5th in the mile in a time of 5:07:50, taking the 2nd best performance in the club track this year.

**the best performance includes the adult section of Heaton Harriers,** This just goes to show how well our junior section is doing. Really inspiring results.

I have no other info to share, but I do have a couple of pictures.

Thursday was training and this time was a 200’s 3 team relay. The session required runners to get into teams of three of equal ability. Runner 1 runs hard to runner 2, who runs hard back to runner 3 – etc etc for 20 mins. I wasn’t at the session – next time I will be. But I have heard that it was good.

Thursday also saw a few of HH’s tackle the Angel View Run. I have heard rumblings of false starts and wrong routes, but I don’t know any details. The race is a fundraiser for St Oswalds Hospice, but I can appreciate runner’s frustrations. It is another event where the results are not quick and easy for me to filter – so take a look for yourselves.


Saturday at it was a hottie for those running parkrun.

This week we saw 40 Heaton Harriers run in 8 different parkruns, which included: Whitley Bay, Gateshead, Windy Nook, Gibside, Bakewell, Marshall Drive, Blyth Links and Rising Sun.

Lots happening at Rising Sun to mention. 1st over the line was James Mckenzie, with Thomas Stutt finishing 6th overall, 2nd Heaton Harrier home and achieved an impressive course PB of 19:11. Ian Lowdon also achieved a course PB of 21:17 and David Brignall a course PB of 23:39. Dougie Leckie was 1st in his age category and rightly chuffed about it! It was also my 50th volunteer and Colin McCentee’s 100th parkrun. In addition to the 27 Heaton Harriers running, 8 more volunteered. I know Rising Sun parkrun are hugely appreciative of the support that Heaton Harriers gives them. If you haven’t volunteered before, give it a go. I can’t recommend it enough. In addition to all the fantastic results just mentioned, the award for most dramatic fall for a Heaton Harrier at Rising Sun, goes to Alan Smith – seriously though, we are all glad you are on the mend.

Saturday afternoon also saw several HH’s training at Churchill. Throwing and track work were on the agenda. It would have been a very pleasant afternoon for a spot of javelin and discus.

Sunday was thankfully not as hot as initially advertised – but it was plenty hot enough.

Myself, Ken McCentee, Peter Foreman and Xena Marshall all made the journey to Cragside to undertake the Cragside 10m Trail Run. I did this race last year and there was no way I wasn’t going to do it again. It is a lovely run, varied, challenging and scenic. When asked for a race report, Peter Foreman said it was ‘Fantastic’. Thanks Peter for that very personal opinion! Ken was less succinct and said ‘it’s harder than the free 10K they do here’. So there you have it!

Elsewhere Lampton 10k was taking place. Cobbling together what I saw on FB and a quick glance at the Results – I think 4 Heaton Harriers ran. Hard to say with the number of errors in spelling as well as Strava having a hissy fit. So please correct me if I am wrong, but I think, Aimee Brooke, Julie Ellis, Janette Kilgour and George Routledge completed the 10k route.


When Strava did sort itself out, it showed lots of you out on long runs on Sunday – trying to dodge the heat or schedule runs around BBQ’s and Glastonbury

Anyway – that’s another week over. Again – please can I stress that you tag, message, gmail me any info. I have a few really busy weeks ahead and as much as I enjoy writing up the Weekly Round-Up, I won’t have time to trawl FB or Strava. Please let me know what’s going on – PB’s, milestones, events, general results, pictures. The roundup is only as good as the info you supply me with and other HH’s are interested to read what you have been up to.

Before I sign off for the week, I would like to introduce a new Weekly Round-Up feature. Who am I? Guess which Heaton Harrier is pictured. Please be nice and no inappropriate comments as this is accessible by non HH’s as well. If people do get daft, I will have to remove it. There is no prize – just for fun!

Who am I? Comment below. How cute?!?!?!

Hopefully see lots of you during the week. Abbie

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