WC Monday 10th June 2019 – Weekly Round-Up

With Blaydon now a distant memory – what did we get up to this week?

Monday and it was over the water to Monkton for the NEMAA T&F. We had some superb results, here are just a few highlights, for the full results – click on the link.

The following came first in their age category:

100m – Ruth Kirk & Elaine Waters

Javelin A – Steve Waters

Javelin B – George Routledge

Hammer A – Jenny Friend & Steve Waters

Hammer B – George Routledge

Triple Jump – Marie Bennett & Ruth Kirk

High Jump – Ruth Kirk

3000m Champs – Elaine Waters.

Excellent effort everyone. It isn’t too late to join in the fun as there are still 3 more Monday night Monkton evenings left in the calendar. So if you are aged 35 or above and want to know a bit more, please get in touch.


Tuesday was club training and it was Killy Pursuits. This session is a bit like Marmite – you either love or hate it, or love that others hate it or hate that others love it! Either way, its a great work out and if you are in a group of people of a similar ability – its a corker!

Wednesday and a few of the HH crew headed to Newburn. Why you ask? Wasn’t it chucking it down you say? Hold on and I will tell you.

Elswick Harriers were holding their annual Newburn River Run. Looking at the photos, some may have ‘swam and ran’. Well done Heaton lovelies – the results are not easy to filter – so pictures will have to do. I did read that Ian Norman got a prize, but I am not sure what for. Well done Ian.


Thursday was training night and it was back to Rising Sun for 400’s. Great turnout and a fabulous effort. I wasn’t there, so no photos – hahahaha

Saturday – my favourite day of the week.

What do Newcastle, Prudhoe, Cambridge, Whitley Bay, Oak Hill, Harrogate, Gateshead, Vogrie, Blackhall, Riverside, Gibson, Rising Sun, Portobello, Tyne Green and Blyth Links all have in common? That’s right – they are all parkruns blessed by the presence of Heaton Harriers on Saturday morning.

50 HH’s running in 15 parkruns, plus many more volunteering. Rising Sun on Saturday would have struggled to have gone ahead without the support of Heaton Harriers. 12 of the volunteer team were from our lovely club. If you don’t volunteer regularly, or haven’t volunteered before – give it a go. It is seriously good fun. Volunteer when you know you wont be in a ‘fit state’ to run on a Saturday morning, when you are injured, when you are saving your legs for later that day or an event on the Sunday, or just because you can. If you ever fancy volunteering at Rising Sun – let me know. However – we cant all look as cool as George whilst we do it!

After my stint of volunteering, Mark and I headed to Gosforth Park for the “Color Obstacle Rush”. Not a lot of running if I am honest, but there was a lot of fun and a medal!

Elsewhere on Saturday, the Heaton Harriers name was being shouted aloud as Heaton Harriers ladies were the first female team home at Alwinton 3 Tops Fell Race: Ellen Cole, Colette Whitfield and Joanne Adamson. Amazing effort.

Here is what Douglas Cockett had to say about the event. ‘Alwinton 3 tops fell race done, 15 miles, 2700 ft climb, a tad wet underfoot in places, happy with 16th. Also running was Jason Wall (aka the machine who rocked home in 10th), Steve Tanser, Joanne Adamson, Colette Whitfield & Ellen Cole. Well done all.’ Ellen Cole (Ladies Captain) also had a few words as well. ‘Alwinton 3 Tops, a 24km fell race organised by North of Tyne Mountain Rescue team, was today. There were six Heaton Harriers in the race: Jason Wall, Doug Cockett, Steve Tanser, Colette Whitfield, Joanne Adamson and me. A seventh, Alison Janes, did the same route as a walk, setting off a bit earlier.
Jason finished 10th overall, Doug 16th, not sure about Steve (I’ll see if full results come out before you need to post!) I’ve no idea what finish position Joanne, Colette and I came in, but we got first women’s team.’

First Female Team Home

Sunday and is was a run-day. The weather had significantly improved.

In Sam Daly’s absence, (out injured for a few weeks), the team shouldered the burden of organising the Sunday Social run. There were two offerings, 1) Weetslade via Gosforth to take in some of the Weetslade Relay Route or 2) Rising Sun to do laps of the cross country course. I am guessing the usual good turnout as I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I was elsewhere – but you will have to keep reading to find out where I was.

Up and over in Hexham it was a Track & Field event. The results/report isn’t done yet so I cant share it, but I know Lisa wanted to thank Karen Bailey and Janette Kilgour for officiating. Well done ladies.

Over the border and fresh from the Vogrie parkrun the day before, Alex Cook , Phil Green and Al Langford all took part in the Seven Hills of Edinburgh. Here is what Al had to say:

‘The Seven Hills saw Alex, Phil and Al don the myrtle green vests in Auld Reekie.  Quick (not speed just time) warm up with Matt from TBH before the starting announcements- usual instructions to avoid cars (they hurt) and give way to any horses en route  (they also hurt) and golf balls (guess what they also hurt) and then 3,2,1 we are off. 

Always great fun from Calton hill up the bridges through the precinct and then up the Royal Mile to the castle (hill #1) and first checkpoint.

Drop down left (gardens shut due to rockfall) and off to the best route to Corstorphine Hill (#2).  The sun broke through and it was hot (yes you heard right the sun shone in Scotland!).  Was a hard climb to the checkpoint but a good run down – Alex set off and me and Phil joined up to find him not too far ahead at Carrick Knowe.  Caught up and all headed through Chesser in the sunshine up to Craiglockhart – decision time up the muddy bank or a longer “gentler” track climb to the top (road shoes with no grip lent the decision to the latter. 

Climb up to craiglockhart hill (#3) in the sunshine, rehydrate and head to braid hills (#4) Negotiate five ponies on the final climb (nettle stings for those without calf guards!). It’s always a good descent from Braid to head across the golf course (no negotiating golf balls) towards Blackford hill (#5).  Phil and Alex were ahead and disappeared in the woods before I got there- they went right I went left – down the path across the bridge (didn’t fancy the quicker steep muddy descent in road shoes) and up the steep muddy bank up the other side (fell running certainly helps in choosing the best route – the poor lass in front didn’t choose well and had to slide back down to the bottom to follow me up)-got to the Blackford hill steps where Alex and Phil caught me up and we rejoined again (note to self left is quicker than right).  The steps are horrible! Nothing else needed to be said!

Top of the hill rehydrate – descent and have the fun of running through the allotments (smile for the camera) and head towards Arthur’s Seat – all going well until I got a cramp at 12 miles leaving Alex and Phil disappearing into the distance.   Up into Holyrood park and start the climb up Arthur’s Seat (#6) Alex chose the gully (was a busy slow route, Phil veered right and then scrambled up the rocks (better route) and I went right and up the more ‘runnable’ section – calf’s still close to cramping again.  Up to the top and then negotiate the tourists (we each chose different  separate routes – mine on the basis that the tourists didn’t go down the steep sections.  

Down to the bottom, across the backend of the Palace, up through the graveyard and the final climb up Calton Hill (#7) to the finish.

Alex first home, then Phil and then Al to complete Team Heaton.

Grand day out for another cracking urban orienteering hill race (albeit slower than previous) followed by lunch and the requisite rehydration.  Happy days!’ – Thanks Al

Down in Freckleton (love that name) George Routledge took part in the Freckleton Fun Run and through sheer hard work on his part, was first Heaton Harrier Home.

Myself and 3 other amazing Heaton Harrier ladies headed off to complete the Durham Coastal Half Marathon. It was Marie, Beth and my first time, but I understand Jenny has done every year since it started 7 years ago. Such an amazing trail route. Up and over cliffs, through the forest, down by the shoreline and then back up on the cliffs again. Just superb and the pictures do not do it justice. We all had a ball and I can say with all certainty that I will be back again. First Heaton Harrier over the line was Beth Lawry, followed by the wonderful Jenny Friend (who was also our chauffeur for the day), then Marie Bennett and then moi.



So that’s another week done and dusted. There will be lots more to report on next week – but please tell me about it. I just want to say how lucky we are to have three talented local photographers, (in addition to our fabulous George), who attend most of the events in the North East. They probably wont see this but THANK YOU – Ian Harman, Hippy Nixon and Stuart Whitman (SAW). Lets face it, we run for the bling, the banter and the race photo!

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