WC Monday 2nd September – GNR Special

Monday saw 13 runners head to West Street to complete the monthly mile – see separate post for more info. There was a slight amendment to the start time to allow runners to frantically sit in a cyber queue to secure places in the Brass Monkey road race. Well done to all those who were fortunate enough to get a place.

Tuesday was club training – 400’s at George Stephenson field.

Thursday was club training – 3 man relays at Rising Sun, with others choosing to stretch their legs with longer runs in preparation for Sunday’s GNR.

Saturday – and it has to have been the quietest parkrun day for Heaton Harriers in a long while. I am guessing we were either volunteering, resting or had the kids in town for the mini GNR.

36 Heaton Harriers ran in 8 different parkrun’s on Saturday. We may have been shy on the quantity of runners, but the quality was superb. We were present at Albert Park, Newcastle, Prudhoe, Whitley Bay, Druridge Bay, Blyth Links, Rising Sun and Root 44.

Root 44 is a parkrun in South Africa that Doug Michael completed this weekend. An amazing 762 runners took part and Doug finished in 51st position in a time of 24:43 and of course was first Heaton Harrier home! I am informed that this was the last little bit of preparation for the Cape Town Marathon in a few days time. We wish you all the best and don’t forget to send me some info.

It would appear that the drop in temperature on Saturday morning had a positive, or should that be negative, effect on times? We ran faster!!! First women home, first Heaton Harrier home, 2nd across the line overall was the amazing Dani Smythe who also achieved a course PB of 18:09. 2nd Heaton Harrier home also achieved a course PB of 18:20 – well done to Ian Norman. But they weren’t the only course PB’s. Scott Mcentee flew round in a course PB of 19:11 and Dougie Leckie a course PB of 20:58. An outstanding morning lads and lasses.

We were also celebrating Karen Bailey’s 50th volunteer with parkrun – which is a wonderful achievement.

Not to be left out, the every so smiley Sarah Melville ran a course PB at Blyth links in a time of 24:44. In fact it may even be a 5k PB?!?!?

Whitley Bay parkrun

Blyth Links parkrun

Rising Sun parkrun

Elsewhere on Saturday, Phil Green was putting in a solid performance at the 2019 Ben Nevis Race. The course is 14 km long and includes around 1,340 metres of ascent – not for the fainthearted. Phil finished in an impressive time of 02:47:54. AMAZING!

Not to let the side of the girls down – Caroline Billis ran some race over a mind blowing distance. As is often the way her watch stopped before the end and Caroline doesn’t always shout out about her achievements. So I am not sure where she was or how far she ran – but her watch died at 42.18 miles – so mightily impressive!

Sunday saw 63 (official), Heaton Harriers, (plus a few more
honorary members or just joined HH), complete the 13.1 mile route from Newcastle to South Shields. It was a glorious day for both runners and spectators. In addition to the 63 Heaton Harriers running there were tens and tens of Heaton Harriers showing their support along the route. On behalf of everyone running – THANK YOU, your cheers were much appreciated.

So with around 70000 people milling around at the start, is was amazing to see anyone else from the club, but it did happen. Some by pre arrangement and some by happy accident.

Pre Run

First to set off on the 13.1 mile route was the lovely Sam Daley as he was, for the 7th time, running as a guide for a visually impaired runner. What a phenomenal time by them both – 1:47:50 – (1:27:50).

I would like to be able to comment on every one of the 63 + of us, but this isn’t my day job mores the pity, so these are the bits I know of because they were shared with me. However – here is the link to see the full results.


First Heaton Harrier home was the superbly talented James McKenzie – not only did James finish in the top 50 he also achieved a PB of 1:12:30.

Second Heaton Harrier home in an impressive time of 1:18;42, who also achieving a PB and managed to photo bomb Ali Dixon, was Phil Jamieson. He tells me this is 15 minutes quicker than last year. Goes to show what joining Heaton Harriers can do for your performance.

Third home and achieving a course PB was David Coe in a time of 1:22:05.

John Sturman ran in a cracking time of 1:29:39 and also raised over £350 for Heel & Toe. Well done of taking 3 minutes off last years time. And yet another that can’t resist a photo bomb!

Andy Duguid ran a great race to also achieved a PB – finishing in 1:33:56.

Smashing last times GNR by 7 minutes, Laura Smith crossed the finish line in a super duper time of 1:34:31, ta and was 1st female Heaton Harrier home.

Mark Best also ran as quick as his legs would go and finished in a great time of 1:37:27 and achieving a GNR PB. Well done.

Elaine Waters never fails to achieve something I can write about. Elaine completed the course in a PB time of 1:38:17 and was also 1st in her age/gender category. That is one heck of an achievement Elaine!

The charismatic Chris George ‘accidentally’ got a PB of 1:38:35 whilst pacing Stu Kelsey round who finished the exact same time which was also a PB for Stu. Great team work lads.

Stephen Armstrong had a solid run and achieved a PB of 1:41:45. Well done.

Peter Foreman had an excellent run and crossed the finish line in a PB time of 1:51:08.

The crazy lady that is Marie Fontana, harnessed all her energy to achieve her first Half in under 2 hours. Marie completed GNR in 1:57:00. Amazing!

Like myself, Carol Green was running her first ever GNR and ran it in style. Carol crossed the line in a very impressive 2:00:15

Claire Dadswell ran her second ever fastest GNR and coached me round. We finished in 2:06:50.

Mandy Hood really pulled it out of the bag and finished in 2:02:46 whilst also raising over £700 for Street Paws.

Ian Sanderson felt that 13.1 miles wasn’t enough for him and according to Strava he ran an extra .6 of a mile.

Well done to Magnus McGillivray who was an official pacer of 1:30.

Ellie Clark, one of our younger members, ran in a very impressive time of 2:20:58. She loved every second of it – well done.

Those that wont come up on a Heaton Search are Abi Timms. Abi achieved a PB of 1:46:08 – which is amazing. Well done. Sue Linsley crossed the line in 2:32:23 with hellish sunburn! Emma Hartgrove ran in 1:56:49 – fabulous.

During GNR

Post Race

There are many more runners that I haven’t been able to comment on. I hope I haven’t missed anything that was sent to me to be included. Many that were raising money for charity, several that were nursing injuries and all that put in a fantastic performance. WELL DONE to all those that ran in GNR 2019!

Dates for your diary.

Sunday 15th September – an introduction to XC.

Sunday 22nd September – free National Trust 10k at Cragside.

Saturday 5th October – HH takeover at Rising Sun parkrun.

Thank you – Abbie

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