Weekly Round-Up WC Monday 6th May

WC Monday 6th May. Whoop whoop – another Bank Holiday Monday. What that meant was an additional opportunity to meet up with HH’s for a daytime run; and that is what we did, with a small group running a steady 6 miles around the Rising Sun.

Tuesday – training this week was a 3k time trial. Starting at Crossling’s corner and making our way round to West Street. It was another fabulous turnout with some solid running. We also saw the tentative return from injury of our very own Ladies Captain, Ellen Cole.

Ready, steady, go!
She’s back!

Wednesday – another Wednesday and another Wednesday night event. This time it was just down the road to Cobalt for the 2019 Gordon Smith Relays. It was a wet, cold, windy evening, but that did not stop the HH Crew from pulling on their white vests and putting on a strong performance.

Ladies –
A – Hannah Nagel, Ellen Roberts and Colette Whitfield
B – Laura Oldfield Smith, Deborah Hicks and Beth Lawry
C – Megan Turner, Lisa Boyd and Helena Wälsäter


Men –
A – Ian Robinson, Ian Norman and James Meader
B – Magnus McGillivray, Les Smith and Phil Jamieson
C – David Coe, Scott McEntee and Liam Riley
D – Calum Mills, Chris George and Andrew Bell
E – Mark Best, Jack Shawcross and Scott Armstrong
F – David Gilmore, Stu Pidass and Danny Routledge
G – Chris Checkley, Keith Rooney and Anthony Scott Daglish
H – Keith Hadden, Paul Inskip and George Routledge


Thursday night was training and thankfully the weather had improved from earlier in the week. Tonight we did a classic training activity called Paarlauf, but in a different location. We headed to Dukes Pond in the Rising Sun. I got the impression that everyone enjoyed the session as you could see your partner running for the full duration.

Saturday and its out to the usual haunts for parkrun.

23 of the 400 runners at Rising Sun, were Heaton Harriers (plus several of the volunteers were Heaton as well).

Scott Mcentee was first home for Heaton in an impressive time of 19:29.

Mark Boxshall achieved another course PB by 1 second to come home in 20:35.

Max Hacon also achieved a course PB of 21:39.

In other news – We had more Heaton Harrier comes backs today. It was lovely to see both Danni Smyth and Colin Mcentee back out there. James McKenzie (Tigger) had a second go at pacing, this time at 20 minutes. Keep trying Tig, this time it was 19:29!

Also there is a stewards enquiry on-going about what exactly happened to Junior Harrier Thomas Stutt. Did he trip, was he pushed, was it deliberate? We may never know! If you have any information, please get in touch.

At Newcastle Town Moor there was another good morning. 16 of the 713 runners were Heaton Harriers. David Brigham was first home in a fabulous course PB time of 17:32; Chris George achieved a course PB of 19:05 (judging by his FB page he is chuffed with that) and Laura Smith also ran an impressive 21:14 to land herself a course PB.

Whitley Bay had 2 of our lovelies running, Sean Polson and Nadia Stock, with Nadia achieving a course PB of 21:13.

Blyth Links had another good overall turnout of 290 runners and it was lovely to see that 4 Heaton Harriers had gone up to run.

Saturday afternoon and its a change of scenery for some as they head to Churchill for some Track and Field training. It is after all, Track and Field season.

Sunday – Race Day!

Sunderland was where most of the action was at with both the 10k and half taking place, and boy did we do well.

10K – 10 Heaton Harriers running out of 1862 in total and the times were as follows:

James Meader – 3rd – 33:21

Les Smith – 14th – 37:30 (3rd in age/gender category)

Calum Mills – 19th – 38:38

Daniel Wood – 35th – 39:29

Colette Whitfield – 120th – 45:23 (9th in age/gender category)

Simon Jobe – 137th – 46:00

Lisa Boyd – 286th – 50:55 (8th in age/gender category)

Sam Daley – 342th – 52:13 (6th in age/gender category)

Janette Kilgour – 1659th – 1:16:32

George Routledge – 1839th – 1:31:48

Half – 13 Heaton Harriers running out of 1192 in total and the times were as follows:

James McKenzie – 4th – 1:13:04

David Coe – 11th – 1:17:23

Phill Jamieson – 20th – 1:21:01

Ian Robinson – 21st – 1:21:02

Thomas Bell – 111th – 1:33:50

Alexis Birchall – 164th – 1:37:23

Vicki Addison – 450th – 1:49:41 (half PB and 11th in age/gender category)

Megan Turner – 456th – 1:49:51 (half PB)

Danny Routledge – 504th – 1:51:50

Alison Vaulkhard – 572nd – 1:54:28 (half PB and 17th in age/gender category)

Claire Dadswell – 659th – 1:57:02 (half PB)

Chris Graham – 767th – 2:02:13

Amazing effort from you all.

A few of us headed to Durham to complete the Trail Outlaws Durham Trail 10 Mile. I did it last year and it was just as beautiful and equally as tough.

It was a much busier event than last year as last year was the first one. 4 Heaton Harriers ran in an event of 520. A lot of queuing at stiles, ducking under bridges and taking turns at kissing gates – but those breaks were well received.

Marshall Leitch 1:38:53 first Heaton Harrier home.

Abbie Boxshall 1:55:59 – course PB

Margaret Dover 1:57:33 – course PB

Xena Marshall 2:34:35 – course PB

A big thank you to our very own Karen Bailey who was volunteering at the first water stop. Always nice to see a friendly face.

Elsewhere, Jenny Friend made the trip to Ripon to complete Ripon 10 Mile. A beautiful race and one I will hopefully take part in next year. Jenny was 130th out of 318 runners and finished in a respectable 1:29:18

The prize for the furthest travelled, yet again goes to Caroline Billis who headed to the Spanish Island of La Palma to take part in Transvulcania.Transvulcania is a long distance race, considered one of the hardest mountain-ultramarathons in the world and one of the most important in Spain. The total route has a length of 73.3 km with a cumulative elevation gain of 4,415 m and elevation loss of 4,110m. Caroline gave it an impressive try before being timed out – well done.

Lastly is a serious health warning to you all. Its starting to get hot and even when it isnt hot, the sun is getting stronger.

Dont be a silly billy like Jack and myself; wear a high factor suncream.

That’s all for this week. 🙂

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