Weekly Roundup – WC 27th May

It was another of those fabulous weeks with a bank holiday Monday in it and that is where we will start the roundup.

Monday a small group headed off for what has now become a HH tradition, a Bank Holiday run around Rising Sun.

Tuesday was training and this week was 800’s at the Rising Sun. I will be honest and say I didn’t attend as I was stuffed with afternoon tea from the Running Fox. A great HH turnout though, which saw the various groups run between 4 and 7 reps.

Wednesday was the Vindolanda 10K. It is a challenging course on local hilly roads starting and finishing at the Roman Fort of Vindolanda in Northumberland. First Heaton Harrier was the lovely Janette Kilgour.

C’mon Janette – you still have two more races this week!


Thursday and its training night again. This time the scheduled session was the 5k Rising Sun parkrun course – 1 min hard, 1 min easy. Once we managed to get the various running watches rigged up accordingly, we headed out. I thoroughly enjoyed this session (Fartlek). It was tough but really interesting to analyse the data afterwards as its a route many of us have done numerous times before.

At Heaton Harriers we pride ourselves on be as inclusive as possible and Thursday night training was no exception. We have many runners who are currently struggling with hay fever and with some runners the hay fever is aggravating asthma; so an alternative run was put on which was a steady 5 – 7 miles on the footpaths through Palmersville, Forest Hall and Benton, away from the pollen in the Rising Sun. Alternative run, now to be known a the ‘Hypoallergenic Run’! – just kidding.

Friday saw Allen Mulliss, Janette Kilgour and George Routledge head north to Alnwick to run in the Northumberland Pride LGBT 5K. 122 runners and HH finished 20th, 87th and 112th respectively. Well done.


Saturday and it’s parkrun day!!!!

We had 79 Heaton Harrier’s running in 8 different parkruns. David Bullock, Danny Routledge and Mal Gibson headed to Northumberland to Newbiggin. Only 89 runners in total – I think Blyth Links may have something to do with that. 3 HH’s, Gregory Pilgrim, Hannah Shillitoe and Thomas Bell, headed to Blyth Links where 275 runners took part.

Charlie Townsend headed a touch south to Hartlepool where he finished second. Ted Baty headed to Hackworth parkrun and two lonely souls ran at Whitley Bay. Newcastle Town Moor saw 16 HH’s out running with Jacob Goodwin achieving a course PB of 19:43.

Matt Hetherington made the journey south also, but he headed to Whinlatter Forest parkrun – known for being the hilliest parkrun in the UK. Matt finished in an impressive 3rd position. It is my understanding he was on a stag weekend – I am guessing the stag do started after the parkrun – kudos if you were in fact hungover and finishing 3rd!

Not being bias, but all the fun was being had at Rising Sun parkrun as it was their 3rd birthday. 52 Heaton Harriers ran this Saturday – what fantastic support we showed our local parkrun. In addition to runners we also had several of the HH Crew volunteering by marshalling, barcode scanning, pacing, tail walking and being RD.

Not only were HH a big presence on Saturday we were also a strong one. 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the line were all HH. Ian Norma, Andy Burden and Les Smith. WOW – so chuffed. Dani Smyth is back running like the machine that she is. Only a few runs back after injury and she was 1st female over the line on Saturday, finishing 5th overall, in a staggering time of 18:47 – just 22 seconds off her course PB. Speaking of PB’s we had those in abundance on Saturday as well.


Bryan Ankers Course PB 20:48

Hannah Nagel Course PB 20:36

Louis Kirkpatrick Course PB 20:14

Mandy Hood Course PB 24:12


Also running at Rising Sun on Saturday was HH’s Xena Marshall. Xena was running as a Guide Runner for Blind Runner Julie. Here is was Xena had to say.

I am supporting Julie to do couch to 5k, through the Active North Tyneside beginners running programme. This was our 2nd parkrun together.

AFTER WE RAN – Didn’t we all look fab in our bright colours?!?

Saturday afternoon was the regular track & field practice session at Churchill. Running, hurdles and throws were the order of the day.

Sunday for me was joining the Sunday Social run group. Whereas the bulk of them ran a steady 10 – 12 miles, I bailed at 5 miles. But that is the beauty of the set-up – it is open to all to dip in and out and run as far, or in my case not as far, as you like.

Elsewhere, it appeared Bamburgh was the place to be on Sunday.

6 Heaton Harriers made the trip up the road to complete the Run Northumberland Bamburgh 10k. I did this race last year in really wet, blowy conditions. First over the line was Jeremy Smith, who was also first in the V50 category as well. Next was Jacob Goodwin, followed by Nicola Brady and Alexis Birchall. Judith Archibold finished 2nd in her age category and also running, having run on Wednesday and Friday as well, was Janette Kilgour.

This is what Jeremy had to say about the event:

“Judith and I decided that, rather than entering the same races – Blaydon race, Coastal run, Blyth Sands, etc – each year, we ought to try at least one new race.   I was thinking about having a go at the Yetholm fell race – thank you Phil Green for the suggestion – but we decided in the end that we would try the Run Bamburgh 10k.  We entered on Thursday evening – one of the rare occasions nowadays when races are not filled many weeks before they take place, although the race was full by Sunday. 

The race starts in a field just south of the castle (I started with Nicola Brady, who was preparing to leave for a holiday to Mexico this week – lucky her), and then the run takes you anti-clockwise past the castle, into the village and then down a country lane, running parallel with the main coast road, towards Seahouses.  I say down but, in fact, it was a lot more up.  There was a gentle incline that must have gone on for nearly a mile – even when it looked as though we had reached the top, there was a left turn (which you couldn’t see from the bottom) and the incline continued upwards.  We must have run almost half the race on the country lane before we eventually reached the main coast road and ran the last mile or so back to the field from when we had started.  I finished in a reasonable time (quicker than the Druridge Bay 10k last week but slower than the Blyth 10k) – just ahead of Jacob Goodwin and then followed in by Nicola, Alexis Birchall, Judith and Janette Kilgour.

George Routledge was out on the course supporting us, and taking photos, as ever – I think (and don’t take this the wrong way George – it’s meant as a compliment) he is our equivalent of the red devil that you see on the Tour de France coverage each year!

What I found most interesting about the run is that I recognise very few of the runners and that there was a large contingency who had travelled from north of the border, including the fantastically named Galavanters from Gala.”

Thanks Jeremy.

Also in Northumberland, Ian Sanderson was undertaking the Northumberland Triathlon at Druridge Bay. The swim section took place in Ladyburn Lake set within the park grounds. The bike route headed out of the Country Park along the beautiful coastal route and the run was multiple laps of the footpaths that surround the lake. Impressive effort.


Lastly for Sunday and receiving the award for the furthest travelled this week is Beth Lawry. Beth completed the Bjorko Rail Race and was first HH lady home in Sweden.

There are sure to be some people reading this who did something worthy of a mention but haven’t been mentioned, but if you don’t tell me, I cant shout about it. So please – let me know of races you have run, positions you have achieved, milestones accomplished, etc either via messenger or email heatonharriers.activity@gmail.com – ideally before 12 noon on the Monday to be certain I can add it in.

Lastly there are a couple more bits to mention. Firstly I would to say thank you to John Josephs for my first official piece of fan mail! John is still a Heaton Harrier, but lives down south. John kindly emailed me this week to thank me for his mention and say how he enjoys reading all about what the HH Crew are up to. Bless ya.

Many of you may have seen the Look North piece on our very own Nadia Stock. Nadia will be taking part in the World Transplant Games in August this year. This event is taking place in Gateshead and I know many of you will be keen to go along and support our local athletes.


This last notice should have been in last weeks update, however I received it after it went live. I toyed with the idea of just updating the update, but then thought that those who had read the update already, may miss it.

Sunday 26th May Ellen Roberts took part in the Darley Moor Sprint Duathlon, which was a qualifying event to join the GBR Duathlon Team to compete in 2020. Although she achieved the necessary time, Ellen missed out on automatic qualification by coming 5th when only those placed in the top 4 were automatically through; Ellen does still have a chance of qualifying based on times though. We have everything crossed for Ellen and wish her the best of luck – I will update everyone as and when I hear from Ellen.

It goes without saying however, as the Clubs Journalist/Sports Reporter, that if Ellen does qualify for 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, the only way I can accurately report for the Weekly Update, is to join her in Japan. As Ellen is Club Treasurer, I dont see this being an issue!

That’s all – hope you all have a lovely week. Ideally a non-eventful one so I can write up the week within 4 hours!

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