Winter Grand Prix 2019/20

Races to be included in the Winter Grand Prix are:

28th September 2019 (Sat) – Harrier League XC – Wrekenton
7th October 2019 (Mon) – Monthly Mile
26th October 2019 (Sat) – Harrier League XC – Lambton Estate
17th November 2019 (Sun) – Brampton to Carlisle
1st December 2019 (Sun) – Blyth Sands
19th December 2019 (Thurs) – Christmas handicap
21st December 2019 (Sat) – Saltwell Park 10k
25th January 2020 (Sat) – Northern XC Championships
9th February 2020 (Sun) – Harrier League XC – Thornley
29th February 2020 (Sat) – Harrier League XC – Alnwick

We planned to include the Norman Woodcock relays, but these are currently on hold. A replacement race may be added to the GP.

As always, your top 7 scores will be counted toward your total score.

For most races 10 points are allocated for the first place Heaton finisher, 8 points to the second, 6 points to the third and 5 to all other Heaton runners. Points are allocated based on finish positions, not times, with the exception of relays.

For Harrier League cross country, races are scored slightly differently so all counters are awarded bonus points. For the women, the counting team will be awarded 10, 8, 7 and 6 points based on their position, and the men’s counters will be awarded 12, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 points. All other participants will still receive 5 points.