XC round up: NEHL Wrekington

Heaton ladies had another excellent day  at the 4th of this season’s NEHL fixtures at Wrekenton on Saturday. Conditions were still pleasant when we finally got going. There was a bit of mud underfoot, but it was underfoot rather than sloshing around the ankles as at Bedeswell earlier in the season. The course was also a much more pleasant run than in the icy conditions of last year.

lessesAgain Heaton ladies turned out in force and we must have been one of the best represented clubs with 12 runners. Becky was the 1st Heaton lady home in a brilliant 6th place and so earns her promotion to medium pack. Jo did stirling service, as always, to fight her way up the field in fast pack (no mean feat on a course which is very narrow in several places); Jo was in the top 10 fastest women and was our 3rd counter. There were excellent performances by all throughout all packs. (Results Here.)

We were 3rd team in Division 1. Tynebridge and Tynedale, who were ahead of us after the first 3 fixtures, were way down the list on Saturday; I’m not sure what the current overall standings are, but we must be well up in the rankings. So here is my plea to all female Heaton members (and there are a lot of you out there): please, please try to support the club by running in one or both of the final 2 fixtures.  Lots of our runners have now been promoted to medium or fast pack. Although runners from these packs regularly put in excellent performances, we also need lots of slow pack runners  – you don’t have to be spectacularly fast to play an important part and keep out the opposition. Other rival clubs have also had many of their runners promoted and this is where a big club like Heaton should benefit from strength in numbers. So all you ladies who train in groups 3,4 and 5 – you are vital to the campaign.

Thank you to you all for your efforts so far. Thanks also to those who supplied delicious cakes and to the men who shouted for us all round the course.

The Lads also had a good turnout for the race, with several runners competing in their first ever Harrier league race.

team pic

The race was three laps of about 2 mile each, taking in the hill from both directions. All in all a rather canny yet tough course which could have only been made better by more mud. I have included the Garmin track for anyone who hasn’t done XC and wonders what it’s all about.  There were some great runs throughout the field from Heaton runners. Richard Hogg was first home for us in 45th place.  Jamie Barbour had another cracking race, 80th place overall from the fast pack.  The whole team worked well, grafting and packing well, all the way down the field.  We finished in 11th place overall and our divisional standing is not confirmed. Provisional results Here Thanks to everyone who came and raced or supported. As Nina has mentioned we do need as many runners out in the last two fixtures of the season (March 2nd at Alnwick and March 23rd at Prudhoe), so every run matters.

We routinely have 40-50 plus at training on a Tuesday, we all get a vest when we join the club. It would be good to have as many runners at Harrier league as we do on a training night, just ask or email Nina or Myself.

Men and women of Heaton Harriers, your Club needs you!

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