As its the cross country season & we have little hope of that wonderful camaraderie with our tents & flags, cakes & coffee, then we must keep a bit of it alive just by running,getting muddy, and freezing our bits off!So, here’s the plan, based upon the present 5km.TT of run alone, no pacing and send your Elapsed time in to me.Sam & I have marked a course which basically follows much of George & Danny’s X-C course over & around the Rising Sun Hill. It’s marked with 8 short posts at each corner, coloured yellow, red, blue & white, the idea is to run around each post & not to cut any corners. It will be approximately 2 laps amounting to 5km., starting at the information board at the entry gate at the top of King’s Road opposite the Barking Dog Sports Ground. The finish will be at the seat about 400metres before the start on the second leg. The turnaround for the second lap will be at the Information board/start. Don’t worry I’ll post a map prior to the start date.This has been sanctioned by Heaton Harriers Commitee & by the Manager of Rising Sun Sun Country Park, Ms. Nicola Grogan. With this in mind we must adhere to the following :1. Follow current national Covid 19 instructions as explained by Ellen in her latest posts.2. Be courteous to other park users( I know you’ll be in a hurry but it’s not the Olympics)3. If you do set out to run with the one person of your choice please run your XC TT with at least a 2minute interval between you.The event will be over 2 weeks duration to enable enough time for everyone to get their run in. I expect to be able to set the start date sometime this week. Please let me know how many of you are interested in this. Cheers & please continue with the weekly 5km TT event. Thank you , bill brown.

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