2019/20 Grand Prix update

Here’s the update to the grand prix, to include points from the December Handicap and Saltwell Park 10k. The next race in the grand prix is the Northern Cross Country Championships at Bedale on 25th January – there’s still time to enter, just get your name down here.

As usual, 10 points are awarded to the first Heaton finisher, 8 to the second, 6 to the third and 5 points to all other Heaton participants.

NameWrekentonMonthly MileBramptonBlythHandicapSaltwellTotal
Nina Cameron50810010(33)
Ellie Clark0100050(15)
Hannah Shillitoe1000050(15)
Mandy Hood085000(13)
Sharon Cook500008(13)
Abi Timms700500(12)
Jenny Friend500006(11)
Abbie Boxshall500500(10)
Jo Bell0000100(10)
Julie Ellis500050(10)
Laura Smith0010000(10)
Lisa Boyd500050(10)
Marie Bell505000(10)
Nicola Brady505000(10)
Hannah Nagel800000(8)
Judith Archibold000800(8)
Sarah Melville 000080(8)
Carol Green000060(6)
Deborah Hicks006000(6)
Pauline Chaplin000600(6)
Caroline Billis500000(5)
Danielle Smythe000050(5)
Elaine Waters000050(5)
Janette Kilgour050000(5)
Jessie Hetherington500000(5)
Lisa McGillivray000050(5)
Megan Turner500000(5)
Sara Nightingale000050(5)
Sarah McLennan000500(5)
Sarah Lemon000050(5)
NameWrekentonMonthly MileBramptonBlythHandicapSaltwellTotal
James McKenzie80108510(41)
Chris Checkley0555106(31)
Jason Wall905058(27)
Jack Shawcross065580(24)
James Meader0108050(23)
Peter Foreman505550(20)
Jordon Cairns086050(19)
Calum Mills705050(17)
Dave Dale050550(15)
Ian Norman0051000(15)
Mark Boxshall500550(15)
Marshall Leitch505050(15)
Pete Jobes550050(15)
Jeremy Smith600600(12)
Scott McEntee1200000(12)
Aidan Batey505000(10)
Andy Bell500050(10)
Andy Duguid500050(10)
Anthony Daglish505000(10)
Bill Brown005500(10)
Carlton Fletcher505000(10)
Dave Brignall005050(10)
Dave Pace500500(10)
Iain McKinnon500050(10)
John Nicholson500500(10)
Phil Green550000(10)
Matt Hetherington000060(6)
Alan Smith050000(5)
Alexis Birchall005000(5)
Allen Mulliss500000(5)
Andy Burden000050(5)
Chris George000050(5)
Colin McEntee000500(5)
Craig Smith000050(5)
Danny Routledge000500(5)
Dave Slater000050(5)
David Bullock000050(5)
George Routledge050000(5)
Ian Robinson500000(5)
Ian Sanderson500000(5)
John James005000(5)
John Sturman500000(5)
Keith Hadden000005(5)
Les Smith000050(5)
Nick Lavin000500(5)
Phil Jamieson000050(5)
Reg Checkley000050(5)
Rob Brown500000(5)
Sam Daley000500(5)
Simon Jobe000050(5)
Stuart Kelsey000050(5)
Thomas Checkley050000(5)
Thomas Stutt000050(5)
Bryan Ankers000050(5)
Dan Wilkinson000050(5)
Doug Cockett000050(5)
Fred Davies000050(5)
Scott Armstrong000050(5)

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