National Cross Country Championships: 21st February 2015



Yes I am early on sorting this one but this will take some organising. The plan is to go there and back in a day on the train.

To wet your whistle ask anybody who did it last year and they will say this event is not to be missed.

Here the official site:-

After a few phone calls to East Coast Trains I have got a realistic estimate on the price per person to go down to the big smoke. This will come in at around £50 a head. As mentioned previously, the club will pay half this amount for representing the club at this not to be missed event. So what do I require from you the member. As I will need to book the tickets month I will want a deposit upfront to show your commitment to run the race. This is because until I get to the point of booking the trains, I will not know the true amount. In total with a refundable £7 race entry total cost will be £32.

Right to summarise. I need from the member £14 now to run this race. Once I have booked the train tickets the remaining amount will be due.

Any juniors who want to run the race needs to let me know asap as this will affect the times we leave Newcastle for the big smoke.

When giving over the money, if you hold a railcard please let me know and what sort you hold. This is very important as this will save you money!!!!

To pay the £14 pounds, it can be in cash, paypal or direct transfer into the clubs accounts. Contact Andy Bell for payment details.

Rights that’s the lot. I am putting a closing date on this of the 15TH NOVEMBER!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Come on and support this your club at the FA Cup of cross country.

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