Northern League Track And Field – 12th July 2015

Calling all athletes and volunteers!! Heaton are hosting the Northern league Track and field match on 12th july at Churchill track.

We need all hands on deck. There are many many things to do before and on the day to ensure this runs smoothly. Mark and I are busy organising booking the officials the club needs to provide.

As well as needing a full team to compete – of which nearer the time we will be asking for names and events, but please put the date in your diary, we do need a whole list of volunteers:

Announcer – someone who will announce events, call athletes to the area of events and announce team results periodically. This person can also help to record results.

Results recorders- 2 people one of which is a whizz with spreadsheet thingys and a laptop.

Field officials – helping to measure, rake sand, collect throwing things.

First aid cover- any volunteers who are first aid trained able to provide support in this manner and available all day.

Moving and placing equipment- 2 or 3 people needed to move and place hurdles, and throwing equipment to the designated areas, and put back when finished.

Food and shop support – Jules Langford as ever is our brilliant food co-ordinator. We have to provide packed lunch for officials which she will co-ordinate, but we need people to help purchase, butter and sandwich fill, bag pack etc in the morning. We need cake bakers to bake, and volunteers to help sell goodies. Please contact Jules direct for this one.

Please help to support your club ! post or message me or Mark Banks either on Facebook, or via e mail

Thank you!!

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