Track and Field

Track and Field competitions are generally in the summer, although there are indoor competitions in the winter too.  There is a growing interest in Heaton Harriers for track and field and the club competes in two summer leagues.

we offer coaching in throws, hurdles and specific speedwork training. Training is usually on Saturday from around 12pm onwards, speak to Lisa B for more info.

small group event specific coaching can also be arranged.

Northern league

This is an all age  (seniors, 15th year onwards) club competition, where clubs compete in divisions and can enter 2 people in each event. (all track distances, including hurdles and steeplechase, all throws, including hammer, long, triple and highjump.)

North East Masters Athletics Association (Vets Track and Field League)

Competitors have to be a club member and a member of the NEMAA (speak to George Routledge), and over 35. Can do up to 3 events in each league meeting, costs £3 per night. All held at Monkton stadium starting at 6.30pm (need to get there around 6 to register).  It is both an individual and team competition, with the top 3 scorers in each age group accruing points for the team.

North East Grand Prix

several fixtures over the spring/summer on Wednesday evening. open to all ages. people enter individually for chosen events.

Anyone interested in track and field can speak to Lisa Boyd or John Moore.