Fell and Trail Running

The club supports an annual Heaton Hills competition of which details will be updated in December 2021.

Many races are attached to summer country shows and these are generally the most accessible.

These races are designed to be tasters for more hardcore off-road running.  All paid up Heaton members are eligible and this is not dependant on the declared club on the day.

So an introduction.

Trail running is off road running where navigation plays a lesser role allowing the runner to concentrate on enjoying the route.  An excellent introduction to off road running. There are many local organisers in the region.  Ask around at club.

Fell racing is a traditional northern sport that involves running up and down hills, moorland and bogs. More than one hill or mountain may be climbed. Race routes may be marked in places with tape and in some races may follow public rights of way. However, some races may have no markings and competitors may have to visit set checkpoints on the route. Generally, in this type of race, the competitor can choose their own way to reach the checkpoints.  In this type of race, navigation may be needed, and basic knowledge on the use of map and compass is an asset.  Heres a link to help you!

Equipment needed depends on the type of race. Slightly different shoes are worn to road running and these shoes will have a much more grippy sole. These are useful also when doing cross country in drier weather. Some races may require you to carry “FRA kit”. This is a waterproof jacket with a fixed hood and waterproof pants. They must have taped seams. They need not be very expensive to meet the standard and I have linked to some cheap examples. Also, a compass, whistle and map sufficient to navigate the course.  Hoy in a hat and pair of gloves and your nearly sorted. Find a bag to fit this all in and off you go! (Please note other brands are available). 

Local challenge runs:  races or runs over longer distance with some support on route, navigation is part of the fun or run as group and enjoy the day.  Food often included. These are often fund raisers for mountain rescue.

Allendale challenge :  https://www.allendalechallenge.com/

Cheviots challenge : https://cheviotschallenge.co.uk/

Also see the long distance walkers association which host walks which you can run for fun!

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