Training Schedule

Since September 2021 the Newcastle University Cochrane Park Sports Ground, Etherstone Avenue, NE7 7JX is our base . There will be designated Changing Rooms available exclusively to HH (men & women) from 6:45pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They will be locked at 7pm and re-opened on our return from the session.  


  • Please continue to wear hi-vis clothing for your own safety and those running with you.
  • In the reception area at Cochrane Park there is a Heaton Harriers dedicated Noticeboard. Take a look to be up to date on latest Club news.
  • HH designated Changing Rooms are available at C.P. each Tuesday and Thursday for our exclusive use. They will be locked at 7pm and re-opened on our return from the session.
  • We should have use of the meeting room – downstairs at Cochrane Park, in the near future.
    We appreciate that rules have changed – however for the safety of all at the club:

    Please continue to take personal responsibility for good Covid-19 habits and in particular 
  • Please do not come to club sessions or gatherings if you have any symptoms of potential illness or have reason to believe you are infectious.
  • Please continue to take a lateral flow test before club indoor gatherings/meetings for as long as tests remain available.
  • Please continue to practice good hygiene when running and give each other space as far as is possible.
  • Remember that you are representing your club in these training sessions so please be mindful of members of the public.
    For any runners who have been shielding either for themselves or loved ones and have been training on their own – if you would like support from the club captains with training plans, routes, partners, or just to get in contact with the club for a chat – please email We will put you in contact with club captains Scott, Debbie or others.
    Start the month with… Check-in @ Checkley’s on Tuesday may 3rd
    1ST TUESDAY of the month Check-in @ Checkley’s Heaton Harriers Club Night in the Bar at CochranePark. Allmembers(runningornot)arewelcomeonthefirstTuesdayofeachmonth between 7:30-9:30pm.
  • Junes check -in @ checkley’ s will be on the 14th after the club handicap

The next 6 weeks phase of the training plan is aimed at the blaydon race on June 9th. The key weeks of this phase are weeks 2 , 3 and 4   as these are the weeks the training effect you get from these sessions count in the target race . Weeks 5 and 6 are quick recovery sessions  to keep you sharp for the blaydon . Its advised to ease up on your mileage during these last 2 weeks of the plan.

Footnote. An  “about session” post will be put on a home page post a few days before to explain the session in more detail.(also on the Heaton members Facebook page)

Tuesday 3rd may2/3 2k 5k/10k pacefreeman crossover on newton path meet c.p. 6.50 leave 7.05 latest , checkleys after session
Thurs 5/5wallsend dene hard lap/easy lap vo2 lap/recovery lap wallsend dene st.road roundabout just off coast road. meet c.p. 6.50 leave 7.00 latest, 1.5 mile to session
tues.10/5800,s at the gate 5k pace starts 3/4 mile from butterfly gates Asda rising sun park run start 6.50 leave 7.05
thurs.12/5Anita Nott 5k course pursuitpursuit slowest groups start first start/finish Armstrong bridge meet c.p. 6.50 leave 7.05 latest
Tues17/5mile efforts 5k pace 2-2.5 min. recoverynew Balliol coursemeet new balliol 6.50.mile warm up as group.
Thurs 19/520/18mid tempo out /high tempo backstart coach lane bus stop meet c.p. 6.50
tues 24/5fig of 8 30 mins work the hillsrising sun pit heap meet rising sun park run start 6.50 leave 7.05
thurs.26/5400’svo2 maxtrack next to cat/dog sheltermeet 6.50 c.p. leave at 7 for 7.20 session start
tues 31/5dukes pond partnersvo2 maxhard lap of pond (600 mtrs )100% recovery while partner runs 30 mins. meet rising sun park run start 6.50 leave 7.05 (pond close by )
thur 2/6jes dene park run 5k time trialrace pacemass start times given at finishmeet c.p. 6.50 leave 7.05 for 7.15 start on bridge

tues7/6200 3 man relayfast 200 % recoveryNewcastle training complex entrance(5 mins from c.p. )meet c.p. 6.50 leave 7.05
thurs 9/6
blaydon race race pace
no session if not doing blaydonanyone still wanting session meet c.p. 6.50 for handicap course time trial.
tues 14/6 club h/caprace pacestart crosslings 7.15
meet 6.50 leave 7.05 checkleys after race.