Training Schedule


HH Club Training Schedule : August 2021 

Although there has been a relaxation of Government and English Athletics Covid19 secure rules and regulations at this stage we will only slightly modify the format of Club Sessions in August.   

  • We will continue to form mini-groups but will not be limited to a maximum of 6 runners 
  • Sessions will have limited interaction with members of the general public  
  • We will continue to congregate at 7pm at locations dependent on where the session will commence. 

First and foremost, it is imperative that we each take personal responsibility. 

  • Please do not turn up if you have any symptoms of potential illness.   
  • If you do join the session, ensure that you practice appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices. 
  • Remember, also, that you still representing your club in these training sessions so please be mindful of other members of the public and apply social distancing guidelines to everyone and not just your group. 

Please note, when forming mini-groups at the start of a session ensure that you agree a pace and then keep to it!  For each session there is guidance on the pace.  Some people are too modest in stating the pace that they will run then go off and run faster.  This is disruptive for others in the group and detrimental to the session.  Be realistic but challenge yourself too! 

Monthly Mile on Monday 26th July and Club Handicap on Tuesday August 24th!   (next one 30th aug )

Stay Safe and Keep Running! 

Club Sessions: July/August 2021 

Date Session Pace Logistics Notes 
N.B.  ALL sessions START @ 7pm {apart from Sunday) regardless of location! 
Sunday July 25th   Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace per group 
Monday July 26th      Monthly Mile Warm up so ready to race on ‘Go’ Junction of West St & Rutland Rd (NE28 8QH) Sign up @ 7pm with starts from 7:15pm 
Tuesday July 27th   Dukes Pond Laps – approx 0.4mile 1 km pace Area outside Rising Sun Country Park Café (NE12 9SS) 30 min session. Alternate loops with partner. One runs, other recovers 
Thursday July 29th  Hills.  Fig 8 at Rising Sun Full effort up, easy down TOP OF HILL @ Rising Sun 30 mins continuous loop 
Sunday Aug 1st    Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace  per group 
Tuesday Aug 3rd   Tempo 5 mile 10km pace Blue Flames grass/car park (NE12 9SF) Even paced run from top of Coach Lane 
Thursday Aug 5th     Parlauf (Fast & Easy) Fast lap of park, recovery when partner runs Park in Gosforth (St Nicholas Av, NE3 1RG)  30 mins of alternate laps with partner. 
Sunday Aug 8th   Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace per group 
Tuesday Aug 10th  800m reps 1 mile pace Outside Rising Sun Country Park Café (NE12 9SS) 30 mins. 800m, 50% time recovery, repeat 
Thursday Aug 12th  ‘Just a minute’ Efforts Full speed for 60 secs Stephenson School Field (NE12 6BJ) 6*1 min with 90 sec recovery.  3 min break then repeat! 
Sunday Aug 15th  Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace per group 
Tuesday Aug 17th    Tempo Inverted Pyramid!  1lap-then 2 laps-then 3 laps 5km pace Paddy Freeman park (NE7 7AH). Opposite Freeman hospital entrance Each lap is approx. 0.75 mile. 2 mins between reps 
Thursday Aug 19th  Hills. Heaton Big & Small. Full effort up, easy recovery down BOTTOM of the hill! Junction of Jesmond Vale Lane & Ouseburn Rd (NE6 5JS) 30 mins. Effort up, recovery down 
Sunday Aug 22nd   Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace per group 
Tuesday Aug 24th     5km Club Handicap  Race pace! Area outside Rising Sun Country Park Café (NE12 9SS) Sign up @ 7pm with starts from 7:20pm 
Thursday Aug 26th  Speed.  200m Relay (3 person) Full speed for 200m Rising Sun Butterfly gate entrance next to Asda (NE12 9SJ) Runner 1 runs to runner 2 to 3,  12 min, 2 min break, repeat 12 
Sunday Aug 29th  Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace per group 
Tuesday Aug 31st     Tempo & Pace. Killi Pursuit 10km pace Blue Flames car park (NE12 9SF) Tempo & effort.