Training Schedule

HH Club Training Schedule :  We are Back – Again!!!

We have decided to re-start Club Training Sessions from Tuesday, 30th March.  We will seek to do this in as safe a way as possible by having that meet the Covid19 best practice and UK Athletics guidelines.  In essence, these are like those we adopted from June last year. 

  • Sessions that permit maximum of 6 people per group with social distancing 
  • Sessions that have limited interaction with members of the general public  
  • We will continue to congregate at 7pm at locations dependent on where the session will commence. 

First and foremost, it is imperative that we each take personal responsibility. 

  • Please do not turn up if you have any symptoms of potential illness.   
  • If you do join the session, ensure that you practice appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices. 
  • Wear Face covering before and after run while gathering as a group  
  • Remember, also, that you still representing your club in these training sessions so please be mindful of other members of the public and apply social distancing guidelines to everyone and not just your group.

Tuesday 30th March.  Killi Pursuit 

  • Meet on the GRASS/Car park area at Blue Flames (BF) at 7pm.  SPREAD OUT! 
  • We will help you form groups of MAXIMUM 6 people.  If you have already worked out potential group members – great. 
  • Ensure that you and your group agree on a suitable pace!!! 
  • Each group of 6 will depart from BF at 1 min intervals with the fastest going first. 
  • Although the usual overtaking within the group will commence from the Bus Shelter, we will expect that they set off purposefully from BF so we minimise the possibilities of bunching. 
  • During the run, maintain AT LEAST 1m spacing in line and take a wide berth when overtaking 
  • If Group 5 or 6 runners wish to take a slightly shorter route (e.g. left on Great Lime Road or left at Stephenson School) they can decide that on the evening 
  • At the end of the run at Four Lane Ends, each group can wait for the following group to finish but then need to DISPERSE so we do not re-congregate on the corner. 
  • For those then returning to BF, please do so socially distance and in groups of no more than 6 people 

Finally, Heaton Harriers is YOUR CLUB so please feel free to provide your feedback and ideas. 

Club Sessions: March 30th – April 29th 2021 

Date Session Pace Logistics Notes 
N.B.  ALL sessions START @ 7pm {apart from Sunday) regardless of location! Please wear Heaton Harrier top to sessions and bring face covering for before and after run 
Tuesday Mar 30th    Tempo & Pace. Killi Pursuit 10km pace Blue Flames car park (NE12 9SF) Tempo & effort.  
Thursday Ap 1st    Hills.  Fig 8 at Rising Sun Full effort up, easy down TOP OF HILL @ Rising Sun 30 mins continuous loop 
Sunday Ap 4th  Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace  per group 
Monday Ap 5th    Monthly Mile Warm up so ready to race on ‘Go’ Junction of West St & Rutland Rd (NE28 8QH) Sign up @ 7pm with starts from 7:15pm 
Tuesday Ap 6th   Tempo Run.  6-8 miles dependent on running group  Faster than Sunday Run – no chatting Blue Flames grass/car park (NE12 9SF) Gps 1-3, 8 mile Quayside Loop. Gps 4-6 Short QL 
Thursday Ap 8th Parlauf (Fast & Easy) Fast lap of park, recovery when partner runs Park in Gosforth (St Nicholas Av, NE3 1RG)  30 mins of alternate laps with partner. 
Sunday Ap 11th  Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace  per group 
Tuesday Ap 13th Tempo 5 mile 10km pace Blue Flames grass/car park (NE12 9SF) Even paced run from top of Coach Lane 
Thursday Ap 15th  ‘Just a minute’ Efforts Full speed for 60 secs Stephenson School Field (NE12 6BJ) 6*1 min with 90 sec recovery.  3 min break then repeat! 
Sunday Ap 18th Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace  per group 
Tuesday Ap 20th  Medium Distance Reps. 80Om @ Balliol 1km/1mile pace Balliol Business Park but on Gosforth Park Way (NE12 8ET) 30 mins. 800m with 50% effort time for recovery between reps 
Thursday Ap 22nd  Hills. Heaton Big & Small. Full effort up, easy recovery down BOTTOM of the hill! Junction of Jesmond Vale Lane & Ouseburn Rd (NE6 5JS) 30 mins. Effort up, recovery down 
Sunday Ap 25th Long Run @9am Comfortable CAR PARK at Blue Flames (NE12 9SF) Distance & pace  per group 
Tuesday Ap 27th HH ‘Paced Parkrun’ over 5km Parkrun pace! Car Park Rising Sun Country Park Café (NE12 9SS) Pacers for 19, 20, 22,24,26 & 28 min!  
Thursday Ap 29th  400m Reps Best 1km pace! Balliol Business Park on Gosforth Park Way (NE12 8ET) 30 mins. 2min recovery between Reps (6-8)