Grand Prix Summer 2019

A jam packed schedule of races covering the next three months, with prizes to be given out at the AGM in October. There are separate competitions for women and men.

You have 14 opportunities to earn points between now and the end of August. As with the last grand prix, your best seven results will count toward your final score. 10 points will be awarded to the first finisher, 8 points to the second, 6 to the third and 5 to all other finishers. 5 points will also be awarded to everyone volunteering at Anita Nott.

24th June (Mon) – Anita Nott 5km
27th June (Thurs) – Angel View 5.5 miles
3rd July (Weds) – Tynedale ‘Pie and Peas’ 10km
11th July (Thurs) – Sunderland 5km – (separate links on there for the race for men up to 49, and the race for all women, and men 50+)
23rd July (Tues) – Cock Crow 5km
4th August (Sun) – South Shields 10 mile
6th August (Tues) – Morpeth 10k
14th August (Weds) – Gateshead 5km
18th August (Sun) – Tynedale Jelly Tea 10 mile
29th August (Thurs) – Watergate 5km
31st August (Sat) – Signals Relays – add your name to the poll

For all of the above events you should wear your white club vest.

The July and August Monthly Mile and the August Handicap will also be included.