Weekly Round-Up – WC Monday 15th April

Welcome to this weeks Heaton Harrier Weekly Round-Up. We have been a very busy bunch over the Easter period, so I am sorry if I have missed anything or anyone.

Tuesday 16th April was training night. 400M sprints in the Rising Sun Country Park. Fantastic turnout and an amazing amount of effort coming from all 6 groups. I know we worked hard as everyone was posting on Wednesday saying how much their glutes and hamstrings hurt. In fact a few were still talking about it on Sunday at NT10K!

Thursday 18th April was a steady 5 mile tempo run as many of us, (not me), were keeping themselves fresh for the Good Friday Relays. The run started at the club and made its way down Coach Lane, over the Coast Road, around Wallsend and back up Coach Lane.

Good Friday Relays – I am yet to dip my toe into relays but those that did run, did Heaton Harriers proud. GFR have been running for over 30 years and there is probably a Heaton Harrier or two that has run in the vast majority of them. Mo Farah (not a Heaton Harrier), ran in 1999, so kudos to you all.

There was a record turn out of competitors this year with 73 Men’s Senior Teams, 56 Men’s Vet Teams, 58 Women’s Senior Teams and 70 Women’s Vet Teams. A huge well done to you all – a fantastic team effort.

We had 8 had teams running, 3 senior men, 1 vet men, 2 senior women and 2 vet women.

Heaton Harriers Senior Men A finished in an impressive 16th place in a time of 47:22. Ian Robinson, James Meader, Ian Norman and Jordan Cairns.

Heaton Harriers Senior Men B finished in 24th place in a time of 49:41. Magnus McGillivary, Les Smith, Calum Mills and Liam Riley.

Heaton Harriers Senior Men C finished in 53rd place in a time of 56:10. Scott Armstrong, Scott McEntee, Jack Shawcross and Anthony Daglish.

Heaton Harriers Vet Men A finished in a time of 1: 11: 07. Ian Sanderson, David Gilmore, Sam Daley and George Routledge.

Heaton Harriers Senior Women A finished an impressive 18th place in a time of 43:35. Nicola Brady, Lizzy Riley and Hannah Nagel.

Heaton Harriers Senior Women B finished in 48th place in a time of 50:58. Laura Smith, Marie Bennett and Sue Linsley.

Heaton Harrier Vet Women A finished in an impressive 12th place in a time of 44:18. Jo Zoppi, Elaine Waters and Ellen Roberts.

Heaton Harrier Vet Women B finished in 29th place at a very respectable time of 48:26. Jenny Friend, Judith Archibold and Lisa Boyd


Saturday, AKA parkrun day, was the usual hive of activity. With Whitley Bay off and Blyth Links holding their first event, it was a very good day. I marshalled at a warm Rising Sun and witnessed 23 Heaton Harriers run and tail walk their way around the course. We had some canny results:

Andy Burden Course PB – 18:19

Ian Norman Course PB – 18:27

Paul Stutt Course PB – 20:13

Mark Boxshall Course PB – 20:36

Vicki Addison Course PB – 24:42

Chris Biggin also made his debut at Rising Sun.


Town Moor was crazy busy as usual, with 10 Heaton Harriers running the 5k route.

Jonathan Thornton Course PB – 19:00

Rachel Waite Course PB – 28:10

Katie Maxwell made her debut at Town Moor.


And then there was Blyth. They had a fantastic turn out for their first event with 342 runners, 8 of which were HH Crew. I am proposing as a club we attend on mass in a couple of weeks – how does 4th May sound?

I know a couple of people went up to Hexham’s first event and David Bullock did Stewart parkrun. If you do parkrun a little further afield than RS, WB, TM and Blyth, and want your success mentioning, please let me know.

Easter Sunday and by ‘eck it was hot. 46 of the HH Crew ran in the North Tyneside 10K with many many more along the route cheering on all runners and showing some amazing support.

An enormous well done to Tigger (James McKenzie) who came in 6th overall in a time of 33:55 and also well done to Elaine Waters who finished first in her age category. All age category results are listed below.

James McKenzie SNR Male   6/171   33:55

Laura Smith SNR Women   13/210   45:33

Magnus McGillivray V35   2/161   35:09

Sharon Cook V35   19/204   50:19

John Sturman V40   16/177   40:05

Abbie Boxshall V40   28/186   53:36

Les Smith V45   4/139   37:13

Lisa Boyd V45   14/152   51:33

Phil Green V50   13/121   44:59

Vicki Addison V50   8/99   51.35

Douglas Michael V55   9/65   45:32

Margaret Dover V55   8/51   55:20

Elaine Waters V60   1/21   44:59

Sam Daley V65   2/23   45:38

Janette Kilgour V65   9/9   1:26:42

George Routledge V70+   10/10   1:29:10


I didn’t get a course PB – not sure if anyone else did. If you do get course or distance PB’s, please let me know about it so I can tell everyone how brilliant you are!

This feature will be a weekly round up, but as it is only starting now, there are a few individuals that need a shout out for activities that took place a little over a week to go.

Firstly Port of Blyth 10k on 7th April. It was a blast and several of you recorded PB’s, some by a huge amount.

Secondly is Margaret Dover who completed the 25th Rome Marathon on 7th April in an impressive time of 4:26:51.

Thirdly is Beth Lawry who this month climbed to Everest Base Camp (5380m) and then went on to summit Kala Patthar (5643m). I have no words except you are phenomenal!

Fourthly are the dynamic threesome that completed the High Terrain Keilder 50k on 6th April. What an achievement. Well done to Gary Pattison (5:05:34), Nadia Stock (5: 11:20) and Caroline Billis (6:13:15).

And lastly I must mention the lovely Alison Vaulkhard and Vicki Addison (and friend), who ran the Paris Marathon on Sunday 14th April. Not only did they run it in an eye watering time of 4 hours 11, they have also raised a staggering £4400 for the British Lung Foundation.

So there you have it – first one done and posted. I can only write about it if I know about it, so you must send me links or tag me in stuff. We are an amazing club with amazing members who compete at all levels and all deserve to be recognised for their achievements.



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