We’re back! Will you be joining us?

We have decided to re-start Club Training Sessions from this Tuesday, 7th July.  We will seek to do this in as safe a way as possible by adapting sessions to meet with the current Covid19 best practices.  

  • Sessions that permit maximum of 6 people per group with social distancing
  • Sessions that have limited interaction with members of the general public

First and foremost it is imperative that we each take personal responsibility to be aware of the Government and English Athletics guidelines.

Please do not turn up if you have any symptoms of potential illness.  If you do join the session, ensure that you practice appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices.

We have drawn up a tentative plan for the next 2 weeks that we will adapt if necessary as we learn more about the practicalities of the ‘new normal’.

DateSessionMeet UpTime
Tuesday 7th JulyKilli Pursuit – groups of 6 maxGrass/car park at Blue Flames7pm
Thursday 9th July3 person 200m Relays(10 min, 5 min rest, 10 min)Stephenson School Field, Forest Hall7:15pm
Tuesday 14th JulyFig 8 Rising Sun.  Groups of 6 for 25 minsTop of Hill at Rising Sun7:15pm
Thursday 16th JulyArmstrong Hills continuous for 20 minsArmstrong Bridge7:15pm

N.B.  To minimise large group running, we have decided to have the meeting point for some sessions away from Blue Flames.  Please ensure that when you run to and from the session you stay in max of 6 people clusters. Also be aware that Blue Flames is closed so there is no access to toilet facilities etc.  The car park is open. If you are arriving by car please try and park a space or so away from other vehicles.

At the start of each session we will clarify what is needed to ensure that we are Covid-19 compliant.  During the first couple of weeks the emphasis will be on getting this part right even if that means the running part is a little different to usual.  Bear with us! Please.

Tuesday 7th July.  Killi Pursuit

  • Meet on the grass/car park area at Blue Flames (BF) at 7pm.  SPREAD OUT!
  • We will help you form groups of MAXIMUM 6 people.  If you have already worked out potential group members – great.
  • Each group of 6 will depart from BF at 2 min intervals with the fastest going first.
  • Although the usual overtaking within the group will commence from the bus shelter, we will expect that they set off purposefully from BF so we minimise the possibilities of bunching.
  • During the run, maintain AT LEAST 1m spacing in line and take a wide berth when overtaking
  • If Group 5 or 6 runners wish to take a slightly shorter route (e.g. left on Great Lime Road or left at Stephenson School) they can decide that on the evening
  • At the end of the run at Four Lane Ends, each group can wait for the following group to finish but then need to DISPERSE so we do not re-congregate on the corner.
  • For those then returning to BF, please do so socially distance and in groups of no more than 6 people

We are confident that given the outdoor nature of our activity and the ability to assemble in spacious areas we can devise Covid-19 safe sessions.  What we rely on, however, that we all take personal responsibility to arrive, participate and depart in a way that does not compromise our safety and that of others.

Remember, also, that you still representing your club in these training sessions so please be mindful of other members of the public and apply social distancing guidelines to everyone and not just your group.

We look forward to seeing, from suitable distance, as many of you as feel comfortable to attend on Tuesday.  It would be good if you could indicate your likely attendance.  For those who feel unable to attend at the moment, we totally understand and respect that decision too.

Stay Safe.

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